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Mefi botanists: what is this strange cactus-like vine-y plant?

I saw the pot at work and wanted one of my own, but no one knew what it was. The "leaves" on the vines are quite thick, curved, and taper to a needle-sharp point.

I can tell it's the sort of random pre-potted ornamental plant that tend to live in offices, so I have no idea how easy it would be to acquire my own. Still, I've never seen a plant like this before and my curiosity is driving me crazy.
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Best answer: It looks like Haworthia coarctata. I've never grown this particular succulent so I can't offer up any advice...hopefully this'll get you started!
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The botanist on the other end of the couch from me agrees it looks like some kind of Haworthia, and says there are a zillion species.
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Response by poster: Oh yeah, that's got to be it. The plant had those bumpy bits on each leaf, which I realize I neglected to mention. I have no idea where I'm going to find one, but at least I have something to call it. Thanks!
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Also thought haworthia, as well as related genuses gasteria and astroloba (the latter do tend towards that spiny tip). If it were me I might try going after a cutting (review propagating from offset info here - under Haworithia and Related Plants, Haworthia, Propagation)... could be a bad idea though, damage to the parent creating a spot inviting to rot... some of those fronds look remarkably independent though... worth reading up on anyway.
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Try looking on eBay.
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I'm pretty sure, based on looking at a larger specimen today and then buying a 3" one (from Dig Gardens in Santa Cruz), that it's a Haworthia Reinwardtii.
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Nope, not Haworthia Reinwardtii, which is a much slower grower.
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