Recommend me irresistible dance-punk-wave music
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Recommend me some music near the intersection of"dance" and "punk."

I DJ at a club one Friday a month with my wife. We play lots of No Wave, post-punk, and related late 70s/early 80s stuff; 60s/70s Western-influenced pop from Asia and South America; African pop, girl groups, dub, screw, hip hop - all sorts of stuff. We love music and we love making people dance.

There's just so much more music out there that we don't know about - and what I need is recommendations of punky, noisy, or unusual stuff with a good beat that you can dance to. We go for "fun" over "tough" or "scary," in general.

Thanks for your help!

Stuff we play all the time along these lines: Lizzie Mercier Descloux, Dance Disaster Movement, the Ex, Glass Candy, ESG, James Chance, Eternals, Blonde Redhead...
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The Gossip?
posted by infinitywaltz at 11:52 AM on June 23, 2011

The Faint
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Joy Division?
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Ghostland Observatory
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Les Georges Leningrad
Shangaan Electro - New Wave Dance Music From South Africa
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Response by poster: We play Joy Division and Warsaw some but usually stay away from New Order; the place has pretty well established New Wave, Goth, and Shoegaze nights and we're trying to carve our own niche.

That Shangaan Electro comp is great; off to look up some of the other suggestions.. Keep em coming!
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Best answer: Erase Errata
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Pere Ubu?
'Street Waves'
'Non-alignment Pact'
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These aren't necessarily "punk" per se, but fulfills similar qualifications of awesome in my brain. Not all of them may qualify as danceable enough for you, so YMMV.

"And the Washington Monument (Blinks) Goodnight" by Q and Not U
"Lucky Star" by Basement Jaxx (feat. Dizzee Rascal)
"Kill the Rock" by Mindless Self Indulgence
"Don't Say No" by Patrick Wolf
"The Magic Position" by Patrick Wolf
"Desperate Guys" by The Faint
"Song #1" by IMA Robot
"Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck" by The Blood Brothers
"11th Dimension" by Julian Casablancas
"Hey Boy"by The Blow
"Future is in the Future" by Electric Six
"She Will Only Bring You Happiness" by Mclusky
"The Razor" by Head Automatica
"Crank Heart" by Xiu Xiu
"Ceremony (Joy Division Cover)" by Xiu Xiu
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I heart this album.
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Microchip League - New York
Kebekelektrik - War Dance / Bolero
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Black Eyes
Gang of Four
The Rapture
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you want this.

(also you are *so* making me wish I still lived in Chicago! I want to come dance.)
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Best answer: oh dude. i've been meaning to stop in because you're just down the street from our house. i know the people who frequent you, and i think they would get off on:

austra, esben and the witch, lioness (iffy), click click, the good natured, teenagersintokyo, home video, and my boyfriend has a ton of covers (both good and terrible!) of old classic punk/new/no wave tracks you would LOVE.

just so you know where we're coming from: he occasionally goes dancing at neo and comes home annoyed. i occasionally go dancing at berlin and come home frigging wasted but happy. so our taste runs to a combo of pup and punk. i'd be happy to bring you guys some choons.
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came in like others to recommend The Faint.

Drop Kick The Punks
Symptom Finger
Agenda Suicide
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!!! - goes great with Bush Tetras, ESG, Liquid Liquid, etc.
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Best answer: Kumbia Queers!
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Best answer: dizziest: you want this.

That this is Mutant Disco, a compilation on the fantastic Ze Records label who were active in the early 1980s, and started re-issuing material in the last few years. Lots of highly recommended stuff.

To branch out, check the compilations for the artists listed above. Example: The Faint. Some are generic compilations of new music, but others will be structured around a specific sound.

The Wikipedia pages for Dance-punk and Synthpunk have a few more suggestions (LCD Soundsystem & co, Clinic, Death From Above 1979, Liars; and Nervous Gender, The Units, The Screamers, Le Tigre, The Epoxies, Ima Robot)

Possibly overwhelming:, which has big lists of artists, both Classic and Revival. Hover your cursor over the artist/band links to see the short descriptions of some bands (example: Altered Images: Poppy, Dark, Dancey).
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WU LYF. Please, please check this out.
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Avoiding a bunch of stuff I'd mention that others already have...

These New Puritans' first album, eg. Elvis. The second album is much slower and darker, but amazing.
Light Asylum: check out Knights and Weekends
The Presets
Twin Shadow
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Oops. Proper link for Light Asylum
Mods, feel free to edit/merge
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Best answer: I don't know how danceable it is, but Bathtub Shitter is mostly pulsing without being crazy fast despite being a grindcore band, at least on the Lifetime Shitlist album. They're also noisy and fairly unusual.

They have an album called Dance Hall Grind as well as a Christmas album which may be even more suited to the occasion.
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Best answer: Death Disco is a nice compilation along the lines of Mutant Disco. It's got The Higsons' "Put the Punk Back into Funk."

The Sexual Life of the Savages is a comp of Brazilian post-punk bands: Fellini, Muzak, As Mercenarias, Akira S e as Garotas Que Erraram
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Maximo Park?
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Mother Fucking Death Set

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Romeo Void - "Never Say Never"
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Public Image Ltd. - "Memories"
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Le Tigre!
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Response by poster: Our last poster, as you can see, uses the phrase "mutant disco" as well as the punk-crunk connection, so those recommendations are right on target (other comps we love include "post post punk" and the "new york noise" series).
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I like Tussle.
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I like the Ze records suggestion and sleeping bag records has some good things too. Maybe not exactly in the same vein but check out some ON-U sound stuff like "african headcharge"
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oh, there's also an awesome french compilation of covers from classic mute records tracks, and it is awesomesauce. (this is coming from someone who hates cover compilations.)
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Shout Out Out Out Out
Does It Offend You, Yeah?
The Faint
Nitzer Ebb (might be edging in on too-old industrial for you)
Holy Fuck

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The Knife
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irresistible dance-punk-wave music:


Klaus Nomi: Total Eclipse
Wire: Outdoor Miner
The The: Uncertain Smile
Stranglers: Toiler on the Sea
The Smiths: These Things take Time
Shriekback: My Spine is the Bassline
The Raincoats: Baby Song
Magazine: Cut-out Shapes
Lene Lovich: Bird Song
Ian Dury: Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
Midnight Oil: The Power and The Passion
Kid Creole: Stool Pigeon.
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Got to throw in props for:
!!! (Chk chik chick)
holy fuck
amino acids
Black Moth Super Rainbow
Cex (huge fan, many different sounds, some lyrics, many more without.)
four tet
prefuse 73
Q and not u

That's about all... !!! Is unbelievable live, just don't check out their newest album (disappointing)
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Best answer: So Young but so Cold: Underground French Music 1977-1983

"I came across this CD by surprise, but once I found out it was released only in France on the seminal TIGERSUSHI label, I knew it was gonna be good - and wasn't let down. A fascinating, eye-opening, jaw-dropping, and even highly-educational selection of the cream of the obscure, cult 70s/80s French electro/no-wave/synth-pop/punk movement." source
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Oh damn, I missed this one. FIGURINE!!!!
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