What are these weird half-safety goggles for?
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What the heck are these weird glasses for?

We're cleaning out cabinets at work and there were these two weird pair of glasses -- one with smoky lenses, the other clear. Except they have been cut to the shape of, um, reading glasses? The sun rarely comes from the floor, so to be honest, I'm perplexed.

They're the size of regular glasses, no magnification in the plastic lenses. The only thing slightly odd (besides the cutouts on top) is a weird barrel thing on the inside of the arm.

Anyone know what these could have been for?
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The arms read "7565" on the right, "Taiwan 18111" on the left and the big branded panel removes quite easily. It's all very plasticy/cheap.
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It does say HP on the logo there, ya ? No luck wandering down HP's technology ? Are they polarized lenses ?
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Are the HP bits part of the glasses or are they added on to regular reading glasses?
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The HP bits are added onto the glasses.

I work at HP, so everything around here says that, but they're not any of the tech I know about (and feel flimsy enough that I doubt they're the tech itself).

The logo is the slightly older version, so they're at least a year old, but not more than six years old.
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Could they be the base for some kind of magnifying glass glasses?
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To me they look like safety glasses you would put over your regular glasses to protect on the bottom and sides near your temples where normal glasses would not reach. That way one of your machine shop nerds aren't forced to lose visibility by doubling their safety goggles on top of their own specs.
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Mock-up for what a portable HUD unit would look like?
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perhaps glasses for the old HP PDA's... so you can read outside in the sun?
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They look like augemented reality glasses. The mechanism that produces images sits at the top and is removable. The bottom is clear so you can keep seeing reality.

Here's a similar product.

Yet another.

HP also just did a big AR showcase in Asia.
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Oh, and the barrel is for a data/power line.
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All signs point to damn dirty ape. Digging around the same cabinet, it looks like that drawer belonged to the product ID prototypes, so it likely was a mockup for a presentation, rather than a working model.

Not the weirdest thing we found, but certainly the most perplexing. Thanks all.
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