North of 49 Party Rockers, please
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CANADIAN CONTENT FILTER: What are some recent (released in the last six months) cool kickass CANADIAN party rockers? (Music, that is)

I'm putting together a few demos for possible radio shows which, thanks to various patriotic CANADIAN bureaucrats, must feature at least 40 percent CANADIAN artists, bands.

What I would love are recommendations for recent releases that define as Canadian and would not sound out of place in some kickass Saturday night style mixes. Genre is not the issue, as long as it pushes a few boundaries. So dubstep rawk punk funk techno mashup, whatever you want to call it -- it's all good as long as it MOVES and isn't getting played to death already.

A couple of recent examples I quite like:

Crystal Castles - Not In Love ft. Robert Smith (The Cure)

Baseball Bat - Hervé featuring Marina Gasolina (I realize, this has no particular Canadian connection but it's kind of energy I'm looking for).
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Hit up the CBC's podcast archives for the show Q-- they feature a lot of Canadian rockers. This week alone, I can think of Holy Fuck and Hey Rosetta.
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I'm assuming you are familiar with CBC's Radio 3? It's online and you can search by genre. Sorry I've been out of the country too long to be helpful otherwise
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Chromeo is fairly "party".
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Oh My God.

The Rural Alberta Advantage. Their new record is supposed to drop soon (although it is available on most "music sharing" websites currently). They are amazing, and seriously, seriously Canadian.
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The Golden Dogs - Yeah!
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As fairyltale-of-LA says, Holy Fuck were live on CBC-2 Q this past Friday and they were amazing. Host Jian had to refer to them on air as "Holy-Eff", and you probably should too if you use their music for public broadcast.

Okay, for those of you who like to look at cute kitties: Holy Fuck: Red Lights.
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Interesting new Canadian music gets recognized by The Polaris Music Prize, "a music award annually given to the best full-length Canadian album based on artistic merit, regardless of genre, sales, or record label."

Recent winners: Final Fantasy, Patrick Watson, Caribou, Fucked Up, and Karkwa, are all really interesting artists. I could say that Fucked Up has done some interesting things to shake up the traditional genre of 'hardcore'. (Yeah, you'll have to call them "Eff'd-Up" on conventional broadcast).
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Regarding Fucked Up: "The Looking for Gold 12" contained no liner notes or credits, no song titles, and a hidden track. It was self-released by the band in 2004 in two limited runs of 300 & 400 copies. The title track was 16 minutes long, used 18 guitar tracks, had a three minute drum solo and contained 5 minutes of whistling."
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PARTY ROCKers? Some suggestions from Calgary: chixdiggit!, The Dudes, and Cripple Creek Fairies.
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Wolf Parade, Black Mountain, Frog Eyes. Also, Handsome Furs appear to have an album on the way.

Exclaim is another place you can look for new Canadian music, but I'd pick up a hard copy as that website is dreadful.
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