Maybe I could sell it to a bar as pre-made lemondrops?
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Help! My limoncello is too sweet!

Two years ago I started a batch with meyer lemon and 100 proof vodka then forgot it and left it in my liquor cabinet. I finally got around to cutting it tonight and I got the proportions all wrong. I had about 1 1/4 cup of alcohol, so I used 2 cups simple syrup (2 cups water, 2 cups sugar) to bring it to around 33% abv. It's way too sweet. I'm afraid just adding more alcohol will dilute the subtle meyer lemon flavor. Is there any solution besides starting another batch of infused alcohol and adding it to the current mix? I was hoping to use this batch for summer.
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I'd probably just drink it with club soda. Mmmmm.

Disclaimer: I'm a college student. We drink just about anything.
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Using it as a mixer is probably your best bet. Personally, I'd probably mix it with un- or under-sweetened fresh lemonade. You could also use it for limonitas (1 part triple sec, two parts sugary limoncello, three parts lemon juice, simple syrup if needed to taste -- shake with ice, strain into a salt-rimmed glass).
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Add lime rinds and let it brew itself for a couple of weeks. Limecello is awesome.
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It would work well as a granita/slush too. Cold deadens sweet. Ice syrups taste way too sweet at room temperature. 33%abv is too high to completely freeze, but this will make an awesome slushy. I speak from experience.
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(garnish with mint, btw)
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