Why does my gas cooker not have gas anymore, and what do I do about it?
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My gas hob/stove/cooktop doesn't have gas anymore, in any of the 4 rings. Our gas boiler appears to be working fine as we're still getting heating and hot water. The electric oven on the same appliance also works fine. The ignition works, it's just there's no gas coming through, but there was yesterday. What is wrong, and what do I do?
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You do NOT try to fix it yourself. You call the gas company and ask them to send out someone to check it.

This is not a joke. Death and destruction await the unwary and unqualified who try to mess around with gas.
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Chocolate Pickle is correct, call the gas company, they will usually have someone out in couple of hours.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your answers guys, we got it sorted. Gas is scary.
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