Should we bother with a dishwasher and a portable stove?
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Should we look into compact dishwashers and portable gas stoves for our newly rented flat?

We're soon to move to a lovely new flat which has one glaring flaw: an electric stove. I can't abide them, but the flat isn't hooked up for gas. Is it practical to have a small countertop propane or other kind of compressed gas stove for wok cooking? Would our landlord object? (We don't want to scare him off by asking but I suppose there might be insurance issues). We don't have a balcony or outside space, just large windows some distance from the open plan kitchen. Any recommendations would be gratefully accepted.

As a reward for finding this lovely place we're also thinking of buying ourselves a slimline or compact dishwasher. I've read through the earlier posts, but -- any recent recommendations or contra-recommendations from the UK? We're skint, and would prefer something inexpensive but which doesn't leak all over our solid wood floors. Our usual dishwashing load: 2-3 each of dinner plates, quarter plates, mugs and bowls plus cutlery and cooking implements. Should we bother? Should we risk Gumtree?
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Most Asian stores like:

Sell a little 1 burner gas stove for around £10. The cartridges look like a hairspray can and are very cheap also. It packs into a little case when not in use. They are very good and safe. If you are going to use it a lot I'd look for a 2 burner stove with an small external gas tank you can refill.

If I was you landlord I wouldn't like the idea much, but I'd always fit a gas stove in the first place.

Is the plumbing in place for a dishwasher ? If so, then why hasn't you landlord fitted one already ? It's a renters market so you should ask for one - or offer to split the cost and they get's to keep it when you go. The Bosch 45cm dishwashers are great. I'd rather get a 2nd hand Bosch or Miele than a new el-crapo 45cm dishwasher.
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I've got a compact dishwasher. It's a GE Nautilus and it's about 6 years old (sorry, I don't know about UK specific brands). I've found that I only use it when I'm lazy and the dishes build up in the sink (happens maybe once/month). That said, for that once-a-month buildup, it's a godsend. It also makes a great prep counter.

As for the gas stove, unless you have a proper vent hood, an indoor propane stove is a great source of carbon monoxide, so if you do get one, make sure to leave the coroner a note indicating your stubborn nature regarding proper cooking, so as to make the autopsy a bit easier.
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