What is the best hindi movie review site?
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what is the best hindi movie review site?

i can not find any decent hindi movie reviews site - like say rottentomatoes or any other. any that readers can suggest, swear by?
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Metacritic.com is one of my favorite places to go.
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Wait...I totally misread that question. For some reason my mind read "hindi" as "hive mind" - sorry!
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Best answer: Try AllBollywood.com. It's like RottenTomatoes.com for Bollywood.
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A friend of mine runs Filmiholic. Interestingly enough, she is American and lives in NYC.
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You can try the Rediff movie website or Cineblitz.
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I read the reviews in Indian Express. The reviews are well-written, as you'd expect in a major newpaper, so I can tell whether I'm going to like the movie, not just whether that guy liked the movie. Also, I check the box office.
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I like Planet Bollywood. They also have music reviews. Some of their bad reviews are pretty hilarious.
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Response by poster: Wow this is plenty! Thanks all!!
My browser is not loaded with background tabs that I have opened, to review and select.
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