Help me find my female role model.
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Who is the female equivalent of Chris from Northern Exposure?

Looking for fictional/real life examples of women who are a lot like Chris (the DJ) from Northern Exposure. His female equivalent would be poetic, laid-back, sensitive (but still very sexy), an autodidact and able to talk to anyone, to name but a few characteristics...
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Tough one! The only person who came to my mind is Sarah O'Conner, Ruth's sister in Six Feet Under.
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Nancy Botwin or Jesse Spano.
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2nding Nancy Botwin from Weeds.
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Hm, that makes me think of both Mrs. Landingham God and Little Girl God in Joan of Arcadia.
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hmmm.. i know there are certain... criteria that she might not meet, but how about Mrs Madrigal from Tales of the City?
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Whoopie Goldberg.

She's so cool, she's sexy.
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Jessie Spano was completely uptight--I don't think she fits the bill.

Kaylee from Firefly?
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Just to clarify: My opinion of Chris as a character was that he was a bit of satire of those kind of guys too. Sure he was sensitive, but also new-age flaky and credulous about everything, at least through the eyes of someone rigorously rational like Joel.
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Ally Sheedy, the female lead from Short Circuit, seems like she could be DJ Chris's sister.
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Drew Barrymore?
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Phoebe from Friends?
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How about Marilyn from Northern Exposure?
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I probably making too much of the DJ aspect, but how about the Minnie Driver character from Grosse Point Blank? The on-air musings were similar, at least.
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I was racking my brain trying to think of which female role model was an annoying, smug know-it-all who acted like a superior jackass all the time, until I read the rest of your question and realized that wasn't what you were looking for at all.
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When you said autodidact, sensitive, able to talk to anybody, and yes, sexy--that's Ruth-Anne Miller from Northern Exposure.
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Second Marilyn. Chris is way up into lit. because he doesn't allow himself to feel it the way The Feminine does.
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The movie Beautiful Girls gives you three examples, but for the purposes of the plot, two of them are portrayed as being romantically unattainable. Andera (Uma Thurman) is so perfect, she's out of everyone's league ("Do you see her face? Girls like that are born with a boyfriend"). Marty (Natalie Portman) is perfect, but she's only 13 ("Alas, poor Romeo, we can't do diddly"). Tracy (Annabeth Gish) is the real choice -- while she's only a "7," she's a "7" in every way ("Piano players are sexy, salesmen are uncles."), making her ultimately the most desirable.
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Yeah, Ruth-Anne is a female Chris Stevens with the wisdom of a few extra decades tacked on.
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Molly Dodd, from the TV series of the same name. Maybe not as philosophical as Chris, but definitely poetic, sensitive and sexy. Sadly, you still can't get a legal copy of the series.
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