Product Review: Life
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Looking for a poem about Life in the form of a product review. More details that I remember about the poem below the fold.

The poem was about 2 pages long in a book of either American or contemporary poetry. The book was definitely published prior to 1997 (I read it in high school and that's when I graduated). The book has a white cover with black print and red accents.

The first line was something like: The name of this product I am reviewing is called Life.

There is another line about it being better than the alternative.

I have been looking for this for years and Google has failed me. Help please.
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Here's a review of Real Life, as if it were a MMORG (massively multiplayer online roll playing game). Sorry it's not what you're looking for, though....
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I doubt it's what you're looking for, but this poem by Elizabeth Spires sounds somehwat similar.
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Response by poster: Well, if nothing else, I now know of 2 excellent other poems about life. Thanks you guys. I'm beginning to feel like I've lost my mind because I know I read this poem and I haven't been able to find it.
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Best answer: I tried searching

product life "more poems by"


alternative life "more poems by"

(the "more poems by" helps narrow the search results to poem pages, rather than articles or interviews)

I didn't find what you were describing, but if you try similar terms, it might help you locate it.

Good luck!
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Best answer: So, as I was going through my childhood books I found the book with it in it.

It is "A Consumer's Report" by Peter Porter which is in A New Treasury of Poetry, compiled by Neil Philip. (Link is to full text on a blog.)
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