What is your favourite online music review site?
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What is your favourite online music review site. I am looking for a good site that has comprehensive reviews of new releases from all genres. I know of sites such as Pitchfork, but they are all too genre-specific. I want something like Pitchfork which will also cover the new releases in world music, Jazz, soul, etc
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The only place I can think of is AllMusic.com.

As you wrote, most on-line review sites are very genre-specific.
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There's too much music out there for a single site to cover it all. For "world music," check:
  • RootsWorld
  • World Music Central (sometimes simply repeats the label's press releases)
  • fRoots (website contains only a small % of the content of the paper magazine - I recommend you pick up an issue - fR is [IMHO] far and away the best world music resource. Check their list of links.)
  • Dirty Linen (also a website adjunct to a paper magazine)
  • Global Rhythm (ditto)

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You could try metacritic.
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Splendid tries to be multigenre, but I doubt there's anything truly "comprehensive." Splendid says: Our focus is on independently-released material, and we review everything we receive. You'll find a wide variety here: punk, folk, world music, indie rock, electronic music, country, jazz, electroacoustic experiments, home-recorded CDRs and a whole lot of stuff that resists classification
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I highly suggest Adequacy! Or DOA as I like to call it. Daily reviews. No annoying ranking systems. None of the pitchfork arrogance.
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Oh, and pitchfork isn't really genre-specific.
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PopMatters is alright. They seem to cover most of the genres in which you're interested. The usefulness of their reviews depends on how well their tastes align with your own, I guess. I also used to love the Onion AV Club until their interface got too annoying to put up with.
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I'll second the suggestion of Metacritic and plug Drawer B. (slight self-link in that I am involved, but I'm not the main contributor. More of a facilitator, I suppose.)
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This definitely skews indie, but I like TinyMixTapes quite a bit.
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For indie/alternative music in general, you could do worse than getting a subscription to The Big Takeover. Jack Rabid and co. know their shit backwards and forwards, and without much of the hipper-than-thou attitude of Pitchfork. The online version really only hints at the absolute goldmine that is every print edition.
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Pforkish, but Stylus is ok.
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