Help finding photos of Royal Navy ships
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When I was a kid, my dad had framed photos of the ships he'd served on during his time in the Royal Navy. Both he and the photos are long gone, but I've decided I'd like to put something similar together.

First problem is getting hold of his service history - I've only got a vague idea of the time he served (he was involved in Korea and Suez I think). Second is getting the photos.

Any ideas on either?
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I would think you could contact the Royal Navy, or whoever keeps such records, and find out your father's service dates and any other info they can share. Possibly privacy laws (EU is so advanced about such things) might interfere.

Search the net for sites dealing with former sailors and ask around. If you know one ship, you stand a chance of finding help for more.
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In the US, I'd recommend the National Archives and Records Administration; I'm sure you have something similar. For example, maybe
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Best answer: As to getting the records, here is the link to the Ministry of Defence webpage that details how to obtain military records.

This is an excellent article from the Guardian (January 27, 2005) that reviews several UK Freedom of Information online resources in the event you need to file one to get some of the service records.

One way to obtain some of the photos is once you have found out what units your father served in, I would search the web for the associations or clubs of that unit. I am sure that the members would provide you with photos. It has been my experience with such groups in the US that members are very helpful when dealing with the family members of deceased veterans. My expertise is w/US military but if you need additional help please email me. I may be able to put you in touch with organizations that assist people with requests such as yours.
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