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Your best engagement gift or suggestion for a gift, for true great friends. This is the couple; 3 years ago you would bet your life savings they would NEVER even get along as friends. And now they are so endearing, so genuine and so good to each other.

He loves local live music, also Flogging Molly, Lucero, Dropkick Murphys etc, he plays guitar, classic rock. His greatest hobby is breading and raising beautiful fish...think 4+ tanks!
She is a party girl turned domestic goddess! She loves decorating their new home, boating and photographs.
They are very close with their families, love bonfires and proud of their Irish heritage.
I need some great suggestions for gifts, tangible (art/home goods), service or memory etc.
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Best answer: Design a modern day family crest. If you can't do it yourself, hire somebody. Or just do it in jest. They sound like the kind of people that need a crest, no matter what the means.
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Irish linen, lace, and crystal are known quantities that are good traditional wedding gifts. I don't know where you live, but if it's a good-sized city with a sizable Irish-descended population, you may be able to find a shop specializing in very nice Irish gifts (Atlanta has one, Asheville has at least one).
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A dozen really beautiful Christmas ornaments (if they celebrate the holiday), which they will use every year for decades to come.
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Oh and even better if the Christmas ornaments reference something from their interests and relationship.
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I think there are a number of nice Waterford gifts: decanters (even better if you include a nice bottle of Irish whiskey), carafes or clocks. A classic lambswool or mohair throw is always nice to have thrown over a chair; my parents still have one they received for their marriage 35 years ago.
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Best answer: How about finding a photographer for an amazing engagement photography session a la Rock N Roll Bride?
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2 Waterford wine glasses. 2 more (more if you have lots of cash) as wedding gifts. I have the 4 remaining crystal wine glasses from Tiffany that my Mom's brother have her as wedding gifts. Extravagant and a pleasure to use.
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