looking for discontinued candle scent
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I've been searching for a candle from the old williamsburgh candle company thats apparently been discontinued. E-mails to their corporate office have not been answered. The candle is called an apothecary candle and the smell, (odor? aroma?), is cucumber melon. We had purchased it at AC Moore for the longest time, but alas nothing is forever. I'd buy quantities if I could. Any help would be appreciated.
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Is this it? They have them in quantity.
posted by daveleck at 5:34 AM on January 1, 2010

Here's one in a larger jar version.
posted by jenny76 at 7:42 AM on January 1, 2010

And here's another.
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Googling finds many candles for sale. Some are probably old pages, but you may be able to stock up. Also, try calling the company. I'm amazed at how many companies don't use email, have bad spam filters, etc. You'll probably be able to get case quantities from them.
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oops, googling.
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Have you gone here? http://www.oldwilliamsburgh.com/pdfs/AmericanCraft.pdf

They show cucumber melon available in several sizes at around $3.00 each for "apothacary size".
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I'd seen some of these you guys have found. I was hoping to find them at a better price, old williamsburg sells to approved dealers only. I appreciate all of your efforts.
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