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I'm looking for a science fiction poster, possibly from a convention (or purchased at a convention). Likely dates from the 70s, contained a large (arcology sized) spaceship in the distance landed on a planet with a trail of people into it stretching into the foreground. Color palette was... yellow-ish, I think? Similar to John Berkey (http://bit.ly/8ie0i6) art, as my memory serves. Can anyone help?

In early 2000, I visited a small book shop in Campbell, CA. The owner had a (signed by the artist) poster there that I've been trying to find ever since. I have a vague memory that he said it was from a Science Fiction Convention.

The poster contained, in the distance, a large, megolithic starship. There is a trail of people walking towards the spaceship into the distance. Color palette is mostly yellows, as I recall. As I said in the short-form, it is similar to John Berkey's art (http://bit.ly/8ie0i6). Of course I don't see it in that gallery, but the art style was similarly bold.
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Maybe something by Chris Foss? (Though he doesn't do many things with people.) Was it a poster of a magazine cover, with the title? A lot of old pulp mags had covers using the Cosmic Ark theme.
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Huge spaceships make me think of Stewart Cowley's Terran Trade Authority books (wikipedia), done by a number of illustrators, but many involving huge space ships, sometimes landed on a planet.
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Hm, I'm going to say no, for Chris Foss. His style is much more colorful and... precise, I think I'd say, than what I remember the poster being

As far as big spaceships go, this is the scale I remember. I don't know if that helps at all :)

Some of the Terran Trade Authority stuff could be likely, but the google listings don't have the image I'm looking for, alas.
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