What auto club is good in New Hampshire?
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Auto Club/Towing services in New Hampshire - use Triple AAA or is there a better service here?

I'm in the Upper Valley area, but travel to various parts of New Hampshire and/or Vermont. I'm thinking I need an auto club membership - is AAA the way to go, or is there something better that people use around here for emergencies/tows/etc?
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Best answer: If you don't have a buddy with a tow truck AAA has perfectly decent towing abilities though some people suggest the Better World Club which I think contracts with the same people. One of the things that is unusual about AAA up here is that they'll often ask you (esp in snow emergencies) about how safe the location of your car is because in really bad weather, they often have to prioritize people trapped on the side of the highway in a blizzard over people who need a jump start in your driveway. In small-town Northern New England you can wait a pretty long time to get non-emergency service for your car.
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Response by poster: Thank you (yet again). Why, praytell, are there no lights on most of the highways here?
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Lights keep the bears awake.
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Best answer: *caveat: In NH and VT, just because you have AAA doesn't mean that you'll always be in range of a cell tower. With that said, people in those areas are more likely to stop and help out. Nonetheless, I reccommend a comfy pair of old sneakers in your car, as well as a winter survival kit (kitty litter, blanket, extra socks, mittens, hat, collapsable shovel, jumper cables, road flares, hand-cranked flashlight, etc).
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You might also check to see if your existing car insurance offers a towing benefit or rider.
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Why, praytell, are there no lights on most of the highways here?

Too expensive and unnecessary.

Once you get used to driving on highways without overhead lights, you'll be likely to find that you have better road vision, not worse, because you won't get glare on your windshield.
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You might also check to see if your existing car insurance offers a towing benefit or rider.

2nding. Usually costs a couple of bucks a month.
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Small town southwest NH here. I have AAA. They helped when I locked myself out while pumping gas, and knew exactly how to pull my Camry out of a snowbank off my driveway without hurting it (Toyoya removed the towhooks!). So I'm happy with AAA, but still rely upon neighbors with tractors and heavy-duty 4WDs to get me out of most situations. As has been said, preparedness and good neighbors are the first line of defense.
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2nding AAA. I have had AAA for about 10 years - northern VT - and they have always come within an hour of when I call. It's mostly been flat tires, out of gas (yes, once), and off the road and into a tree (once). I've been very pleased with AAA service and have not had issues with no cell service unless I'm really far off the beaten path.
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State Farm covers towing and roadside assistance for free on my policy, fwiw.
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