Good, inexpensive cocktails in New York City.
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For my job (and for fun) I often need good places to go out for drinks after work here in New York. Please recommend bars between 14th Street and Midtown that have good, inexpensive (~$10 or below) cocktails and are good for conversations with small groups of people.

I'm a particular fan of the sidecar and the whiskey old fashioned, so I'd particularly appreciate recommendations for bars that do those drinks (and drinks like them) well.

I am not looking for beer bars, and I am not looking for places as expensive as the Flatiron Lounge.
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Okay it's not exactly swank, but chinese restaurant Ginger House has a happy hour from 4-7:30 where all drinks are $4 including top shelf liquor. It's on Seventh between 28th and 29th.
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What do you consider to be the midtown cutoff? More East side or West side or does it make a difference?
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Response by poster: I'd say up to 59th Street on the West Side, and roundabout 42nd on the East Side.
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If you want one with a great view (particularly of the ESB), try the rooftop bar of the La Quinta hotel, on (I think) 32nd street just east of Broadway.
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Beauty Bar is fun for a group of friends--you can get a cocktail and a (bad) manicure for $10. It's crowded with lots of young folk, so older work colleagues might feel out of place.

Crocodile Lounge is a dive that has only earned its stripes for also serving free pizza, but there's no standard age group and it's cheap.

The Watering Hole is laid-back, has a juke box, and inexpensive well drinks.

I've heard decent things about Vig27, but I haven't been. There are no prices for the cocktails, but over half the glasses of wine are under $10.

And as you might know, Bookmarks is a favorite among mid-level publishing types.
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Response by poster: And as you might know, Bookmarks is a favorite among mid-level publishing types. (zoomorphic)

Actually, I've never heard of it before! (So far, Crocodile Lounge is the only place on this page I've actually been to.)
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Sushi Damo, by Columbus Circle

This might work for wines by the glass and free food, it's in the NYT building and I have not tried it

I will try to think of more.
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late to anwer, but check out the bar at Keen's
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