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How can I put HP DL160s on slide rails in an IBM rack?

I'm in over my head here, so apologies for the technical details... I need to put a couple HP DL160s on slide rails in an IBM rack (IBM 42U Enterprise Rack - 19” Rack). I can find standard rails just fine, but there don't seem to be any compatible slide rails available for HP 1U servers.

My Google-fu is failing me here -- do you know of any specific technical forums where I can ask this question? Where do data center and server hardware folks gather online to exchange information?

Or, if any of you are IT gurus, do you have any suggestions on which rail kits to look for, where to look for them, or who to ask?
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Some of the 1U servers are slightly wider than taller models, to fit as much inside as possible. I know that some generations of the DL360 1U will only work with fixed rails, I'd be willing to bet the 160 follows suit. The increased width makes it hard to fit a standard slide-design.
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I haven't been able to find whether the IBM rack uses round or square holes but HP's FAQ states that both round and square holes are supported.

Which generation DL160? If it's G6 (the newest) they should come with rails that will work with the HP 160. If you don't have them, contact your local HP reseller to purchase a set.

The DL160 G6 my employer recently purchased fits in a 3rd-party rack (APC) without a problem. Also, check what your
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please ignore the Also...
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Response by poster: It's a G5 server, and the IBM rack has round holes. The problem is that I need slide rails, not the fixed rails that are available through HP.

Is this an impossibility?
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I found HP part # 454367-001 at this site, which claims to be slide rails that support the DL160 G5. I have no idea if they actually are slide rails, or actually support the DL160 G5.

I'd check the HP DL/ML server forums to see if they were supported, or if there were any alternatives.
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Just to check what you're trying to do, does the IBM rack have vertical rails with 10-32 drilled holes which accept bolts directly (same as old Sun racks), or vertical rails which hold square clip-in nuts?
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The HP DL160 G5 and G6 are going to be slightly wider than older 1U servers, though of course they still fit in a standard 19 inch. This means they don't have the "fat" kind of ball bearing sliding rails on both sides. I think there is only one standard model of rail for these which should work fine in your IBM rack whether it has 10-32 round holes or square rack nuts. The HP site says the rails work in cabinets with a front-to-rear rail-to-rail depth of 24 to 36 inches. Whatever rails ship with the server will be fine.

The only case where you need special rails for these is if you need to mount the server in a two post telco relay rack, where there is no rear rail. In that case there's a special bracket which bolts onto each side of the server to hold the server in the center. Half of the server sticks out of the front of the relay rack and half sticks out of the rear, keeping it balanced.
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Q1. Does HP offer racking solutions for the ProLiant DL160 G5 in telco and third party racks?

A1. Yes, the ProLiant DL160 G5 Quick Deploy Rail System provides Tool-free support for racks with square or round mounting holes (including Compaq/HP 7000, 9000, 10000 and HP series), with an adjustment range of 24" - 36".

the G6 I just got have rounded pegs to fit either square or round hole racks.
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