A woman on the run, smuggler pilots, and a blog -- does anyone remember this?
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Does anyone remember a blog c. 2001-2002 purportedly written by a European woman hiding out in the Caribbean/Central America from the well-positioned family she had run away (and stolen) from? What was her pseudonym? What was the name of the blog? Is there any trace of this story (and any resolution on the question of its veracity) left on the web?

I've tried googling, tried searching here, but all the descriptors I can think of are far too common, and there are too many years of unrelated chaff covering it over. Now looking for someone with a better memory for key details than mine to unlock the global archive.
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A flight risk?
posted by dhruva at 9:15 AM on June 29, 2009

That's the one, thank you!
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Sorry to railroad your completed question but what happened to her at the end?
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It doesn't answer anything, but it's worth noting this Esquire article.
And apparently they are making a movie.
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