Ruth Madoff's glasses.
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I want Ruth Madoff's glasses. Pix: 1 2 3

At first I thought they were perfectly round, which is a bit too Harry Potter for me. But they're not... And usually that style comes out either a bit comic or a bit nerdy, but these seem just right.

Any idea where to find these, what brand they are? Or do you know of very similar ones?
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They look like Anglo-Americans. I think they're these.
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Alain Mikli makes a similar pair.
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My bf pointed out that they might be Lafonts which rich people like since they are like Anglo-Americans, but more expensive.
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Maybe they are coming into fashion again, which I would applaud, but twenty years ago that shape of glasses was common where I lived. It was called 'panto shaped'.
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[Several jokey comments removed, please stop auditioning for a writing gig on Leno.]
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I hope this is the only thing I have in common with the Madoff's, but I believe they're the Oliver Peoples Riley glasses.
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The Brooks Brothers 701 or 688 are pretty similar and not very expensive, and come in a variety of colors. I've found the 701 at my local LensCrafters, fwiw.
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Thank you! This is all a lot of help.
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LA Eyeworks
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