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My husband found a long-lost mix tape of electronica-y music from high school (c. 1986), and has always wanted to know what one of the (unlabelled) tracks is.

He's been able to identify (using Shazam) other tracks as "an Eno/Byrne collaboration, and some unusual David Bowie stuff". Any ideas what this one is?
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I believe that what you have here is a snippet from "Chemistry" ,
the first track from "Fourth World Vol. 1 Possible Musics," which
is a collaboration between Jon Hassell and Brian Eno.

And if so, I just scared myself. ;) I had three discs in my hand
and no real clue which one was more likely...and it was the first
track of the first disc I put on.

I think I'll go buy a lottery ticket now.
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Wow!! Metafilter succeeds again! That was amazing!
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