Electronica-scored "Fantastic Planet"/"Planete Sauvage"?
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Years ago I saw a version of the classic weird animated sci-fi movie Fantastic Planet (Planete Sauvage) where the sounds and dialogue had been completely replaced by electronic music from Venetian Snares, Matmos, and the like. I can't find it anywhere - all the sites that blogged about it link to the same outdated video link. Anyone have a line on it?

P.S. not sure if this counts as a "request for piracy" so apologies if it does. The original was on Google Video for years but was archived when that service disappeared - I figure that gives it a sort of murky legality along the lines of 'custom' music videos on YouTube and the like. Even a tracklist would be good, but I can't remember if there was editing, shortening, etc.
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Best answer: You're in luck! I uploaded it to my dropbox:

Fantastic Planet

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Response by poster: Ack!! Thanks so much! I've finished downloading. Not sure if you want to keep it up as this may start popping up in search results. Any mefites can feel free to memail me and I'll take a turn at having it in the ol' droppy box.
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