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I'm looking for an electronic music recommendation. My past experience with electronic music has been Aphex Twin "Selected Ambient Works", The Orb "Orb's Adventures..." and "U.F.Orb", Orbital (first three albums). Any suggestions?

What has me going back is a recent album that I picked up. I've currently been listening to Milieu - Eufloria, (sound track to the video game, Eufloria, (please don't laugh at me)). I would really like to find similiar music to this. Basically, ambient with a beat, bass and hummable tune.
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Sounds like you'd probably like Ulrich Schnauss.
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I was literally typing the same thing that BobbyVan came in with. Com Truise does retro-synth music that's got a lot of spacy bits. Guy J is more progressive housey, but does big beautiful melodies with a lot of space in there, particularly on his latest album, 1000 Words.. Pale Sketcher's Seventh Heaven EP might hit the spot as well.
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God Is an Astronaut. Boards of Canada. Tangerine Dream--classic stuff. Also, Juno Reactor (did the Matrix 3 soundtrack) and Daft Punk.
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Pantha du Prince
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I highly recommend you continue your Orbital listenership with their fourth album, 'In Sides'.
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Ulrich Schnauss, M83, Boards of Canada, Tangerine Dream, Biosphere.
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Future Sound of London?
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This Morn' Omina

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/mu/ has an excellent ambient essentials list. [imgur link]
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Bucephalus Bouncing Ball was always my fav Aphex song.
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Trent Reznor - The Social Network OST
Cliff Martinez - Drive OST
NIN - Ghosts I-IV
Vangelis - Antarctica
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I bet you'd enjoy my all-time trance favorite, Everything Everything by Underworld.
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I loooooooooooove the albums you listed.

check out:

808 State
Psychic TV
Global Communication
Brian Eno
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Ambient Architextures is a free hour long mix that is my go-to for when I need to do some work. Lovely piece. The link has all the tracks listed, so that might send you in some good directions.
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Also check out Airliner, a Com Truise side project.
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Paul van Dyk, Out There and Back
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Check out Sasha's "Involver" album too.
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Chicane comes to mind. Some of his stuff is more dance/trance music but if you can find the "Behind the Sun" album there's a lot of the cooler more chilled-out instrumentals too. Also his classic tune "Offshore."
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A friend of mine said the new Amon Tobin is what Autechre should've been, so that's probably worth checking out (I haven't heard it myself)
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Your list looks a lot like mine did a couple of years back. I could code for hours to those albums, but I needed a bit more structure than the average bit of Ambient could provide. So there's always Ambient Jungle:

LTJ. Bukem - Logical Progression

Chrissy Murderbot's Ambient Jungle Mix
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Best answer: I can't recommend Bonobo enough.
Thievery Corporation.
Hugo Maldoro.
Underworld, though it definitely leans more pop than ambient.

This is just a start.
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And I forgot to mention, a lot of what BT has done, though he is also known to do a lot of progressive, hard hitting electronic music and even some club bangers. But it's all quality stuff. Check out his first three albums first.
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Early (pre-1978) Tangerine Dream, Heavenly Music Corporation...
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There's a ton more good stuff in The Orb / Orbital / Aphex Twin discographies, and on their respective labels. Here are some suggestions for other artists - these are mostly at the ambient end of the spectrum:

You might like the seminal 76:14 by Global Communication if you like the Orb. Here is 14:31, a pretty representative track off that album. You may also enjoy The Field, although they are a bit hypnotic.

Boards of Canada have a pretty distinctive sound which pushes the same buttons as some Orb tracks for me, although in a more downbeat way.

Plaid are another favourite who remind me of Orbital in places, who incidentally have a new album out.

Finally I'd suggest the album "Movements" by Booka Shade - it's more upbeat and housey than anything above, but the album as a whole is really fantastic. Here are a couple of tracks from the album, but I think it's best listened to as a whole. Their other albums are not so good, although "Momento" is OK if you like that sort of thing.
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Best answer: To me, Boards of Canada is the ultimate in ambient electronic music. It touches a place inside me that is so profound it's uncomfortable. Try the songs "Music is Math" or "In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country" on YouTube.

Ulrich Schnauss is similar to Boards Of Canada, but more gentle and with prettier melodies.

Seconding Bonobo- especially their latest, Black Sands.

Seconding Amon Tobin as genius music- I wouldn't call it ambient though.

Future Sounds of London is old, but really interesting - lots of experimental sounds.

Finally, check out the website SomaFM - numerous free, commercial free, streaming music channels, very user-friendly website. Try GrooveSalad or SpaceStation Soma and write down artists you like. SomaFM is a blessing.

Also try Ratatat. They don't fit your description, but they're electronic, unique, and fun.
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At the time the Orb was particularly awesome (89-92), the KLF dropped this. It's one of my all-time favorites. Please listen with headphones.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! I still have a lot of listening to do but right now I'm really enjoying Bonobo. That wasn't quite what I was looking for but it was an extremely happy find.
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