What are some albums that sound like Deepmix moscow radio?
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What are some good albums that coalesce in the genres of minimal techno, tech house, dub techno, and deep house?

I'm looking for albums that basically have the same sound as the Online Radio station Deep Mix Moscow Radio. Unfortunately, not many of the artists on that station have released albums (also aware that they release each set on the net, but that is not what I'm after).

So I'm looking for albums that have a mix of minimal, dub, and deep. As an example here is a youtube song from one of the Deepmix sets.

I've managed to find two albums so far that match up pretty well with the Deep Mix Moscow sound:

Maurizio's M-Series (example from Youtube) and Fluxion's Vibrant Forms I & II (example).

Are there any others?
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Best answer: If you like Maurizio's M-Series, you'll probably like anything on the Basic Channel/Chain Reaction labels. I really like Porter Ricks' Biokinetics. The first track on that album, Port Gentil, is the perfect minimal techno for train travel.

Heading out of that label, maybe some bvdub would be up your alley?
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Best answer: Dinky - Anemik - example

Ben Klock - One - example

Actress - Splaszh - example

Bruno Pronsato - Why Can't We Be Like Us - example
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I don't know much about labels. But I love electronic music. I listened to your first mix and it reminded me of a brilliant mix I've been listening to lately. It's Matthew Dear's BBC Essential Mix, it's up on rapidshare etc. and other places across the web.
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Best answer: You can listen to it here.
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i really love these tunes so far. i hope that others contribute.
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Best answer: John Digweed's Global Underground Los Angeles is pretty much a classic in this genre.
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Best answer: I'll second Sasha & Digweed. There is a ton of their club mixes up online. There's an excellent one from Sasha in Malta which is about four hours long, really gets going after about an hour. Here for example.
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Response by poster: Damn, that Digweed GU: LA is jawesome.

I bought S&D's Northern Exposure nearly ten years ago. Might have to rummage through my wardrobe to see if I still have it.
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the foreground: “Actress - Splaszh”

This. So good. Best album in years. Get it. You won't be disappointed.
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Best answer: Maybe the stuff Akufen & Thomas Brinkmann did with Richie Hawtin's Concept 1?

Hawtin & Brinkmann

Hawtin & Akufen

I personally wouldn't bother with the original Concept 1 as it's so minimal as to be past my dullness threshold. In many ways it seems as if it was meant to be remixed. Most of his other stuff is pretty approachable, but Concept 1, on which the Akufen & Brinkman remix projects are based, is particularly obtuse.
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Best answer: Wish I had more, but this is what I have currently:

I'm gonna throw out my usual "amateur" (not my opinion, but of others by association of a netlabel) recommendation of Internet-only stuff through Stadtgruen in particular. Frank Biedermann, Patrick Diessner and Marko Fuerstenberg pump out great stuff from there (though they may be on the clubby end of things).

I've heard good things about Scion - Arrange And Process Basic Channel Tracks (YouTube here), but I can't give you a personal recommendation.
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Best answer: I like your example song from the mix.

Seconding Basic Channel.

You might like this collection. My favourite tune from it.

Going a bit more sideways, this album - it's not quite on the same solid throbbing 4-to-the-floor house-techno vein, being a bit more abstract, ambient and melodic, but it has clear dub techno influences running through it, and is one of the best electronic efforts in recent years IMO, so I'll throw it out there. example track, but I hesitate to choose one, you should go through the whole thing :)
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Best answer: Check out some of the podcasts at Little White Earbuds. They're all over the map, but a lot feature the minimalist stuff that you like; for example: Margaret Dygas, Aki Latvamaki, and Par Grindvik.

Also check out Deepchord Presents Echospace. Might be a bit too ambient for you, but they're totally fantastic - for example, Summer Haze from their new album, Liumin.
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Best answer: Jeff Mills - The Bells
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Best answer: Actually, listening to some more of the Pushkarev & Izhevski mixes, you might want to check out Joey Beltram's Aonox album, which was out in 1994 I think.
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Best answer: Found some of Aonox on YT:

Across the Hemisphere
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Best answer: And if you like the GU Digweed/LA set, you might try Sasha's GU Ibiza set. Especially CD #1. It's not really like the stuff you mentioned above, but it's a classic mix.
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