Name that tune. French pop song around 2002, fast, young female French-African singer
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Please help me remember a song filter... (details within)

The details are coming, folks, just wait a minute...
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OK, I know some think this is a crap use for ask.meta, but there is just no way I can google this given my knowledge right now (believe me, I've tried quite a bit)

It is a recent French pop song, iirc from two to four years back. The singer was a very attractive young african-french woman. The lyrics were in French (duh). It had a fairly quick beat. All I can vaguely remember from the chorus is something like "C'est la vie de blah blah something something / La vie en blah blah blah something something."

I know it isn't much, but surely there are some French speakers out there who this will ring a bell for? Many thanks in advance to all helpful meta folk.
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Oh, and by the way, it must have been a pretty big hit because we heard it all the way over hear in Kyrgyzstan, on the (English language) music video channels, etc.
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Going by your extremely-detailed description, the only thing that popped in my head was maybe Princesses Nubiennes. But that's about the limit of my African-French musical knowledge. Good luck! =)
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Could it be "Sman - C'est la vie"?

Based on this, she looks like she may fit your description, and the lyrics seem to match up with what you gave. I haven't been able to get the song anyway though so I couldn't check that. This says it was released in 2003 though, so it might be too recent.
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m0nm0n, the pictures of them look like they might be the ones, but so far none of their music I'm finding seems to be THAT song, and not even in the style of the song I'm thinking of...

mrgavins, all your links seemed really promising, to be pointing me the right way, but no, that ain't it.

The song I am thinking of, the woman is singing in a sort of staccato fashion, every syllable getting stress... and I am not sure, but there might have been some orchestral backup in the mix...
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Just a shot in the dark here, but are you thinking of Belleville Rendez-Vous from Triplets of Belleville? (Amazon song sample here)
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