Name that tune...or else I just might die from frustration.
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SONGFILTER It's a good one. I consider myself a music aficionado, but I still am stumped on this one. My buddy thinks it's from a movie soundtrack, I' not too sure it is - but we both definitely recognize the hook. We transcribed it into notes for you all - more after the jump...

SONGFILTER: My buddy and I were at Barnes and Noble and I got this particular tune in my head. I could hear it very distinctly and when I whistled it to him, he instantly recognized it. We are both pretty music-savvy, but we couldn't pinpoint this tune. He thinks it's from a movie, I'm not to sure about that. Anyway, we figured out the notes of this hook we have in our heads. It's either:

G (1/2 note) F (1/2 note) E (1/2 note) D (1/2 note) C# (1/4 note) D (1/8 note) E natural(1/8 note)
(It starts at that G, climbs down the scale, and goes back up for the last two notes - I don't know music theory, so sorry for the lame musical terms and explanation.)

My bud thinks that the third "E" note should be a D#.

Anyway, play it on a piano or whatever and tell me what you think. I seriously can't remember the last time I was this frustrated.
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Is there an internet thingy that will translate into something I can listen to?
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Best answer: Couldn't recognize by playing guitar. Have you tried Midomi?
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Hum it and upload it to youtube or something.
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I played it on piano based on your description: sorry, it rings no bells here.
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I played it on my iPhone MiniPiano and thought about it. Are you thinking of the beginning of "Hit the Road, Jack"? The song was featured in that movie about Ray Charles awhile back, I assume, which could account for your buddy thinking it's from a movie and you thinking it's not from a movie.
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Also, this question reminds me of this question- any of those suggestions it?
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I also tried it on my iPod Touch mini piano and all I can think of is a childhood song that goes "Hello everybody yes indeed, yes indeed, yes indeed. Hello everybody yes indeed. Yes, indeed my darling."

Thanks for the earworm.
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Best answer: sounds vaguely like "Alley Cat", but your timings seem a little off. Take a listen
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Best answer: ok, well, i just played it on my guitar and it can totally hear it. i think your friend is right with the movie tip, when i hear it in my head it sounds like a big, full orchestral arrangement, like something you'd find on a movie soundtrack. that sound right to you?
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Tried it on the flute, but it didn't sound familiar. (Although on listening to cosmicbandito's link it did sound a bit like Alley Cat.)
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Appalachian Spring / Moderato Coda?
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Best answer: You all are wonderful, but somehow I managed to remember. It was while I was at church today (I suppose some divine inspiration was involved).

I have to say, I was a little disappointed when I realized what the song was. It's not a terrible tune, and I definitely had it in my head because of the movie it was in (although I haven't seen the movie in a very long time). I think the let down was due, however, to the fact that it took me so long to figure it out.

The song is "I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You," by Tine Arena and Marc Anthony.

The melody of the song was also featured in parts of the film's score, which is where I was hearing it in my head from.

The notation we came up with was a little off (we were missing the first three notes all together, which would have definitely helped), but we all in all we weren't too off.

Thanks for your efforts - I hope the answer wasn't too much of a letdown for all of you, either.
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Response by poster: Sorry, that was "Tina" Arena, not "Tine."

And it's funny how I can hear those same notes in cosmicbandito's suggestion of "Alley Cat," but with a change of pace and meter, it can sound totally different.
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What's really interesting is that Alley Cat also has the same leading notes before the matching part starts. Detuned Radio mentions that they were missing the first three notes of the melody, but Alley Cat has a little 3-4 note pickup before it starts the sequence that we were trying match.
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