Name that mystery tune?
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Can anybody identify this Chinese language song? At least, we think it's Chinese. A friend of mine found it somewhere totally devoid of context, and now we're wondering what it is and where it's from. Any help you can give us would be just fine.
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Best answer: Oops, it didn't link properly!

Anyway, the singer is Evonne Hsu.

She was born and raised in Texas but developed her career in Taiwan! Hope this helps.

The song is about a breakup. I would tell you more but my Chinese is pretty bad. I only managed to recognize the first three phrases to get the song off of google!
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The song is definitely sung in Mandarin Chinese.
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Response by poster: That looks like it's it, which is swell. Thanks, cyml!
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The title of the song (Good weather on July 7) is a reference to the story of the princess and the cowherd, which is celebrated on July 7 in China, Japan, and Korea. I have only experienced it as celebrated in Japan.

I was unable to find an English translation online, but here are the lyrics in hanzi and pinyin. Google Translate may give you the gist.
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Here's a rough translation of the lyrics (not having listened to the whole song), keeping in mind that July 7th is the Chinese equivalent (basically) of Valentine's Day. The parts I did watch seem to imply that she was supposed to meet her lover, who died (or was fatally injured) in a car accident.

Will I stop missing each other simply after saying goodbye?
Will everything be sorted simply after saying sorry?
Tears, instead of your kiss on my cheek
My world is suddenly all icy wind and white snow

Some of your past/memories still lingering in my hand
So many pieces, how can I put them all together?
July 7th, a sunny day, why is it suddenly a snow storm?
I don't dare to open my eyes, hoping it's just a nightmare
I stand here on Earth, forced to watch the snow
cover the street you should come from

July 7th, a sunny day, the dark night suddenly turns to day
I'm losing my senses, seeing the limits of our love
I stare at the horizon, the sky is utterly endless
I can't hear you saying farewell

Some of your past still lingering in my hand
... (repeats of previous verses)
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