Gypsies, vagabonds, fools, the ferry and something about a shoe or whatever I have no idea, what is this even....
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Please work your magic and help me think of this song, even though you'll pretty much have nothing to go on.

There's this song from a distant memory that sprung up while I was having a conversation with my sister. And, after much ranting about it, she's finally gotten this inkling of a feeling about this song, too, but can't think of it either.

It was most likely by a female vocalist. And when I say most likely, I mean it was either by a woman, or a man who sound astonishingly like one.
The overall theme had something to do with gypsies. Now, this is the hard part. This is just a feeling. My sister says "vagabond" better describes the feeling of the song. But I vaguely remember something about a poor girl trying to find food, or maybe a place to sleep, I don't know.
The lyrics were in a narrative sort of fashion
It was vaguely folky. I remember a very rhythmic acoustic guitar [maybe]. But it wasn't really celtic folky, nothing like Lorena McKennit
The last time I heard it was about 2001, or there abouts.
I have this feeling that it was by this normal rock-esque band who happened to do this one song in this folkish fashion, but this may be completely off.
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Is it Cher?
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Gypsy Davy (that version is by Cordelia's Dad, male vocalist but a band that does rock/folk) is a song that fits the pattern you're talking about, and has been performed by many people. The wife of a landed gentleman runs off with a gypsy, and prefers to sleep on the cold ground than in a feather bed, because of his true love etc.
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Bob Dylan performing Blackjack Davy, a version of the same song. (This one has the full song so you can hear all the lyrics and see if it fits the song you're remembering)
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Yeah, I was going to suggest Gypsy Davey as well, albeit the Sandy Denny/Fotheringay version, because one should never miss an opportunity to link to Sandy Denny.
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Best answer: Left field: St Theresa by Joan Osborne?
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I couldn't find a video, but I was thinking of My Ramblin' Boy, also by Sandy Denny. Steeleye Span did a song called Black Jack Davy, which I believe may be similar to Gypsy Davy (the plot is certainly similar) and their lead singer is a woman, the wonderful Maddy Prior.
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More on The Gypsy Laddie song.

Maybe I Know Where I'm Going?
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Gypsy Woman by Brian Hyland? He's got sort of a high voice, could be mistaken for female on this song.
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The Waterboys, Raggle Taggle Gypsy?
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(The Waterboys may be more Celticy than you had in mind, now that I hear it, but putting it out there just in case.)
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Brandy ?
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Not at all a female vocalist, but I thought Beeswing when you described the rest of this. I also think of Vashti Bunyan even though she doesn't fit some of your other criteria.
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Pretty Celtic, but Little Beggar Girl by Richard and Linda Thompson fits otherwise. Amazon link w/ sample clip
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This sounds like the *sound* you're describing, and it's a titular fit, but there's nothing about trying to find food. However, there's the chorus about, "Oh, hold me like a baby that will not fall asleep."

Gypsy by Suzanne Vega
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not a woman, but I'm thinking Foy Vance's Gabriel and the Vagabond
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Response by poster: kickingthecrap, thank you for traveling here all the way from left field– my sister and I are forever indebted to you! We are so excited right now it's ridiculous. As soon as I read the word "Theresa", I knew it was right. Also, upon playing the song, she and I both knew all of the words. It's funny how the brain works.
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