How do I synchronize bookmarks between different Firefox installations?
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How do I synchronize bookmarks between Firefox on different computers? I use Firefox on several computers and would like to synchronize the bookmarks between them. If I add a bookmark to one computer (or perhaps 50 bookmarks all over the place) I want to be able to get those new bookmarks into the other computers and in the appropriate folders. When I use the import function it imports every bookmark and folder even if already present. Deletions are not that important, I rarely delete bookmarks.
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Best answer: Bookmark.synchro.nizer
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Foxylicious is a firefox extension which will integrate your links into your bookmarks folder. The first time you use it, it will import all your bookmarks, and separate them by tag into bookmark folders. Subsequent imports will add any new bookmarks you've created since the initial import.
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I use the BookmarksFTP plugin that signal linked to. It generates a XBEL (XML) file that is uploaded to my server each time I close the browser, and then downloaded and merged into the bookmarks of any computer I am at provided I install the plugin and download the file using it.
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Has anyone encountered this? I just downloaded Firefox 1.0 to my desktop. When I went to install it, it extracted files and began the process but it told me I was installing Netscape 7.2 [which is the browser I use now]. Are they in some way related, or did Netscape bully Firefox out of the installation?
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lometogo, if Netscape (or any portion of the suite) was running at the time it may have prevented Firefox from loading its profile. Mozilla browsers share enough code that they should not be run simultaneously.
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Once you have Foxylicious, is there a way to export your local bookmarks to your account? I really don't want to copy and paste hundreds of links.
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