Brazilian Waxing
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BrazilianFilter: Any ladies ever gotten one? How very badly did it hurt? What is the actual procedure? Thought about asking this anonymously but figured that if I could ask Matt under my own name I might as well ask all y'all.
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I'm curious as well. I've gotten everything else waxed...except that.

I do know that underarms hurt like a bitch.
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Never had it done, myself. But here are two articles I've read on the subject

Faster Pussycat, Wax! Wax! (
THE WAX NEVER LIES: Blazing a Painful Trail to Beauty Down Under (Seattle's The Stranger)
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This depends on so many factors not the least of which are:
-skill of practitioner (ask your girl friends for recommendations)
-Quantity needing removal - the more you have the more it hurts
-Your general tolerance to pain. I go in and know its not going to be a happy fun party time- but i also know its over pretty quick and while it sure smarts when they are doing it - the pain tends to be over as soon as the service is.
-Your modesty level. it is not a proud procedure. You are below the waist naked, you are often asked to participate by holding and stretching for easier waxing. there is sometimes contorting to get at certain places. if you have any hesitancy about this - be warned.

The procedure starts at the front and moves back. The "middle" def. hurts the worst. The back seems like it's going to - but is surprisingly easy. (I’m going to get a reputation - I think this is the second time on I’ve extolled the virtues of ass waxing).
You need to decide if you want to loose it all - or leave a little something in the front. You also need to have an opinion on the shape of that something if you decide to go that route.
Grow back can be a bit of a pain - its itchy. Get tend skin or what ever glycolic based solution they have - and then use it - to prevent in growns.
On preview - I've waxed most everything as well - and I don't think under arms hurt that bad at all. So - see above about pain tolerance. This def. hurts much worse than that.
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I didn't think it hurt that much but I have a pretty high pain tolerance. Maybe pop a few Tylenol before you go. Modesty goes out the window-- your legs are spread in ways you might have not even considered possible previously. The waxer was very professional about the whole thing and I never really felt weird or anything, except for the occasional nervous giggle (from me, not the waxer). Also, the more you go, the less it hurts.

I recommend TendSkin for post-wax bumps.
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two different sources have reported to me that a Brazilian seems to be frightfully annoying only the very first time one has it done -- and then after the third or fourth time it becomes less and less painful. don't ask me why -- I've never had the courage to inquire further, maybe it's the skin that gets accustomed to the procedure.

apparently, after one tries it, it also becomes something you get sort of addicted to -- both my sources have told me that they wouldn't feel "OK" leaving hair now, not even a landing strip.
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In the name of aesthetics, I will argue against it.

One, I don't believe in undergoing pain for the sake of fashion. Two, it looks better bushy. The "bald kitty" is for the closet pedos.
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I think it's hot.
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I've mentioned it before, but I think men's taste in genital topiary depends on when they first encountered porn. I first encountered it around age eight, in the late seventies. Women were still bushy and natural then. So that's what a woman looks like to me, I guess.

I figure most women would agree, if only for the lower maintenance. But then again, I've never been with a woman who trimmed the hedges, so it's all theoretical.
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Response by poster: How often does it need to be re-done? The "five-o'clock shadow" comes to mind.
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Hair cells have growth and resting periods: sometimes they're making hair, and sometimes they're sitting dormant, with a non-growing hair or with no hair at all.

The first rip is going to hurt like hell: all the active hairs are going to be taken out. Subsequent times should be far less painful, because many of the follicles are going to be dormant.

The endorphin rush must be equal to that of tattooing.
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In the past, I've had it done every four weeks or so. It has to be long enough to have something to be ripped out. Keep in mind that you have to be able to tolerate more than a five-o'clock shadow for this purpose.
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You can do this quite easily at home. It would probably help to have an assistant.

I suggest that industrial-strength paper towels might make an effective & disposable substitute for cotton strips. I also suggest that it might be possible to pour the sugar onto the cloth, spread it thin, and then apply to the hair. I do not know if either idea would actually work well.

I do know that the stuff can be reheated in the microwave, and that it's only a few seconds difference between warm and third-degree burn hot.

The mid-East has been using sugaring for eons. A friend who lived there for years claims that the night before wedding, the bride will be body-sugared from tip to toe; she also says the hair grows back in finer and softer after sugaring.

Certainly any new hair will be fine-tipped, because it's starting from inside the follicle, as opposed to shorn hairs, which are sharp-edged. Also, subsequent rippings will not be removing nearly as much hair as the first time 'round, and I'm sure the follicles must be "loosened" by the experience.

It is important to be clean, but it's best to not have bathed immediately beforehand: skin oils will help keep the sugar from sticking to skin, and bathing makes skin go puffy, which makes ripping more painful.

It's also important to remember: no guts, no glory. Just like removing a band-aid, you'll want to do a single, solid yank that's over in the blink of an eye. Then hit the tequila, hard. :-)
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I'd strongly advise AGAINST waxing the whole kit and caboodle yourself at home. Sugaring is basically the same as waxing, the only difference is the composition of the sticky stuff that rips the hair out. Anyhow, since getting a brazillian means getting rid of all the hair in the genital area, it's really not something you can accomplish yourself, nor is it safe to do it at home if you're not a pro, because if wax strays too far into into intimate territory, you could actually rip the delicate tissue and cause major bleeding/damage.

If you're curious about waxing, perhaps trying a run-of-the mill bikini wax at a salon might be a good first step. You'll get a sense of how much it hurts and how fast the hair grows back, and then if you decide to take the plunge and go totally bare, you'll have some clue what you're getting into.
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The salon article that arielmeadow posted is great. I read it before I had my first brazilian and it totally let me know what to expect.

I've been waxed by three different people. Two of them were great. One was horrible. The amount of pain depends in large part on the experience of the aesthetician.

It is painful, but not unbearable so. And, the pain goes away quickly. My person recommends that you take a few ibuprofen before the waxing to help with the pain. I prefer a shot of jack daniels, but that's just me.

And I agree with not trying it yourself. I've made that mistake. It was horrible. Leave it to the professionals.

Worse then the pain are the bumps and ingrown hairs that you'll get if the waxing was not preformed correctly and if you don't use a good after care lotion. I use Finipil lotion and I have few problems with bumps or ingrown hairs. The salon that you go to will sell Finipil or similar product. Buy it. It will make your post-waxing life easier.

I get waxed aprox. every 4 - 6 weeks. It is true that if you maintain it, the hair grows back finer and is easier to wax, thus less pain.

As with any professional, the best way to find a good aesthetician is to ask for referrals. If you don't know anyone who waxes, or you don't feel comfortable asking, then call a "spa" type salon and ask for an appointment with their "most experienced" person.

I was just talking to a guy I know who is an aesthetician. He does a lot of brazilian waxes (on women). Oh the stories he tells.... but that's another topic.
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And, I do agree that it's not something to try on yourself at home. I've done that and it wasn't good. Not only is it more painful, but it's nearly impossible to get all of the hair. Aestheticians don't just "wax," they use tweezers to get all of the missed hairs. Plus, it's virtually impossible to wax your butt yourself.
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Response by poster: I appreciate everyone's answers. I put forth the question for a non-member who has been clamoring at the gate for awhile. I'm sure she will be pleased with the results (and maybe amused by the MeTa).
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Under no circumstances should anyone ever apply hot wax (or sugar) to their inner labia or their anal region themselves.

Someone else with an experienced eye and hand needs to do this, because there are parts there you absolutely do not want to burn.

I definitely vote for starting with a bikini wax and seeing how it works for you before leaping right in to the full Brazilian.

And, in the "nobody wanted my opinion but I'm giving it anyway" department, my husband thinks that waxed or shaved vulvae are repulsive. Which, frankly, makes my life easier because that shit hurts like a mofo and never did much for me, aesthetically. I think pubic hair is cute. Except Ron Jeremy's.
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I know I'm late to the party, but I'll echo Juicylicious's statement that it depends on the practitioner - I've had brazilians that smarted a bit but were over in less than 5 minutes (at J Sisters in NYC, which was one of the first salons in the U.S. to offer brazilians), one that left me with actual burns on my skin (at another NYC salon that I will never, ever, ever frequent again, not even for a manicure), and one that didn't hurt at all (at Bliss, also in NYC). There's a lot to be said for a very experienced waxer. Also, Bliss uses a lavender-based wax, which apparently soothes the skin.
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From the Salon article:

What it really boils down to is sex. Women get it done because it makes sex better. Jonice, the youngest J sister, offered her explanation to the New York Observer last year. "Makes you sexy. Makes you fashion. When I don't have my bikini wax, I don't feel like to have sex with my husband. I feel dirty. And even himself say, 'Try a bikini wax!' I feel free. I feel clean.

That's totally fucked up. As if women don't already have a hard enough time feeling "free" and "clean" under the weight of normalized misogyny, now they have to be waxed to have sex? Dobbs can start all the MetaTalk threads s/he wants to start; if people are posting what looks to me like female body hatred, I'm going to respond. Fuck this shit.
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why why why why why???? ow. no. bad.
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