Give me your experience of keratin hair straightening treatments
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I'm strongly considering a Brazilian keratin straightening treatment for my rather frizzy hair. Have you done it? Did you like it? Would you do it again?

My hair is shoulder-blade-length, caucasian, colour-treated and naturally wavy. I want to get rid of the frizz, mainly - I don't really care if my hair comes out straight or wavy as long as it's smooth. I am specifically thinking about this treatment from Rush.

My main questions are:

- Has anyone had just the mid-lengths and ends of their hair treated? I'm nervous about losing all volume from my hair if I get my roots treated. I generally don't condition my scalp for that reason.

- I know you can't get your hair wet for three days afterwards. But can you tuck it behind your ears etc? I have heard about straightening treatments which have to be left PERFECTLY straight while the treatment sets.

I'd be keen to hear everyone's experiences! I have read all the previous questions, but no one seems to have asked anything relevant for a couple of years. I'm also checking MakeUpAlley too.

Thanks in advance!
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I've been doing it for about two years now. I do the whole head.
You'll notice a loss in volume the first week or so but don't let that scare you.
I try not to touch my hair the first few days. If it does get wet accidentally my stylist told me to immediately heat style it.

I've been very happy overall. You may want to shop around for prices.
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I had it done in August. Although you will notice a difference in volume, I would hesitate to just do part of my hair because the difference it made is dramatic, so doing just some of your hair might give you weird results (though I could be wrong).

I tucked my hair behind my ears during the 3 day "no washing and no touching" period, but I didn't put it up using a ponytail or a clip because it would have caused a crease/wrinkle. I got mine done during my summer holidays so 3 days of not washing my hair and not being able to put my hair up wasn't too difficult.

My hair was much more smooth after the treatment. It was a lot more straight for about 5 weeks but the smoothness lasted for about 3-4 full months. I'll probably do it again.
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I've used a much milder version from Sally's at home twice this past year and have been very happy with it. I have baby fine hair and, like you, was concerned about losing volume. Never occurred to me to apply it to sections, though, so I went whole head. On me it looks like more volume but your mileage may vary.

I did lots of tucking behind the ears and actually like the little wave this gave those strands. Again, though, my solution was much less concentrated.
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I have had a color lock treatment done (it's keratin, but not as intensive or expensive as what you are looking at). I found it a bit meh, TBH. It did help with the frizz on humid days, and it did add shine, but it also removed enough volume and bounce that my hair looked blah...I likely wouldn't do it again. YMMV, especially with different treatments, but I do remember reading at least one review of the Brazilian Blowout type treatments that basically boiled down to "you don't have bad hair days, but you also don't really have good hair days".
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I have naturally wavy, fine, but very dense hair and I have been told by every salon I've been to that the density of my hair will render the keratin treatment useless. I would get a consult with 2-3 different salons in your area to see what their consensus is before you drop money on this treatment as you could discover that your hair isn't a candidate for it either as I did! :(
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I've had this done twice to my coarse, curly/wavy caucasian hair and it turned out really well. I did not lose volume, I just had SUPER manageable wash and wear hair. It was great.
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I've had it done twice so far. Through some luck, it lasts about six months for me. (My mother finds it lasts a bit less; my cousin had it disappear within a month.) I plan to get it done again in March.

I do keep it straight for the three days but since I actually like my hair best when it is curly and frizz free, this isn't terribly necessary. But no, you are not supposed to tuck it behind your ears, get glasses marks, let a purse strap cover it, etc. I usually pull it up with a hair stick when I bathe.

I would suggest doing all your hair.
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I have thick, wavy (frizzy depending on humidity) caucasian hair and loved the results, at first. Unfortunately, I found that v it made quite a bit of hair fall out. 3 years later and it seems to have grown back, but I wouldn't do it again.
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I forgot to add, the brand my stylist used was Lasio.
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I got regular keratin treatments when I was living in a place with daily 100% humidity, and I was really glad I did. Made my hair much more manageable. Had it done once every 10 months or so. Really nasty and unpleasant while it is being done (wearing a gas mask for 2 hours) but very worth it. Of course I tucked my hair behind my ears during the first few days (though I tried not too), so I had a little crinkle but no big deal.

I had all my hair treated, and I think you should too. You really can tell a difference once your roots grow out, which I think it what it would look like from day one if you only had the ends done.
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