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I have two versions of a largeish text file, one a slightly modified version of the other. Is there any app I can run in Xp that would report the differences between the two on a line-to-line basis? Could it also do the same for a whole mess of corresponding text files within a large directory structure?
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I do a lot of file diffing and I use exam dif pro for all my file and directory comparison needs. i think you can at least get a trial version from There are a ton of options there if you just search on Diff.
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Beautiful! (and very fast on the draw, people, let's keep it up).
Both links look like what I need. Thanks a ton.
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BeyondCompare (30-day free trial) isn't bad.
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I'd second Beyond Compare.
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What's the point of diffing if you can't merge? WinMerge does both and is Free.
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It's called FC.EXE and it's been included in MS-DOS forever. It does come with XP. It's a simple little file-compare util.

Other utils might be best for the directory-structure thing.
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Like costas, I use WinMerge for this kind of thing. It's very much like BeyondCompare, but much more free.
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