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Is there an XP tweak to have the "special" Favorites folder recognize my Firefox favorites instead of the (empty) IE favorites?

I switched from FF to IE a long time ago and moved all my bookmarks as well. But I used to like having my "Favorites" in the Start Menu; that way I could go right to a bookmark without having to open the browser, etc. Any ideas?
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Firefox has bookmarks, not favorites. They're stored in a single file than as multiple files in the file system. So no.

On the other hand there are other ways of getting to the bookmarks without opening Firefox. Launchy can do it, for example.
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Best answer: Try using BookmarkBridge to synchronise Internet Explorer and Firefox's bookmarks. You can use the command line to schedule it to copy the bookmarks from Firefox into the favourites folder at regualr intervals.

Lots of other ways of doing this are mentioned in this similar Lifehacker thread.
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But I used to like having my "Favorites" in the Start Menu

Maybe this is obvious, but you can still put internet shortcuts in the start menu. That way, when you click on them the default web browser will open them (which I assume is FF for you). The only difference between an internet shortcut and a regular shortcut is where it "points to".

Of course, this means that you'd have to make all these shortcuts, and they wouldn't be synchronized with anything else. I'd probably only do this for my most used bookmarks.
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