Is there a way to bookmark sites with corresponding screenshots?
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I have a LOT of bookmarks for craft tutorials, supply places, etc. Often I can remember what the page of a tutorial looked like but can't remember what it was called, or even sometimes what it was about. ("There was this project that I remember thinking was really cool at the time... the site was really purple...") Is there a Firefox plug-in, Mac application, AIR application, or online service that lets you bookmark sites with corresponding screenshots? Thanks!
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Best answer: Evernote can do something like this.
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Ditto Evernote, with the Firefox clipping plugin. It does EXACTLY what you're asking.
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Best answer: Have you tried Bookmark Previews?
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For firefox I use "webmynd" (

You can visually browse your history and filter through the pages you are looking at - its a pretty slick way to view your history (though not specifically your bookmarks). It was very usable, and I never clear my history for the exact reason you mention.
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I used to use Browseback for this sort of thing. It watches you browse and stores a PDF snapshot of every page you visit. You can configure it so you don't fill up your cache with shots of google results or whatever.

Very useful for the "I remember it was purple" sort of memory-jogging.
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I use Wists expressly for this purpose. Added bonus that it seems to have attracted a following from the Craftster set, so you can look at other people's craft-related Wists as well as make your own.
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I use a Firefox add on called Speed Dial, which lets you set up lots of pages and as many screenshot bookmarks as you want on each page.
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