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I am looking for the best in twitter comedy, twitters I can follow that are funny and will make me laugh. I appreciate satire but have a hard time enjoying most "fake celebrity" twitters.
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A good place to start finding some people is Favrd, yeah, it's all a big circle jerk for the leaderboard, but some of the guys getting faved day after day actually are quite entertaining
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I can recommend Peter Serafinowicz - British comedian from Spaced and Shaun of the Dead. His puns and comedy competitions regularly have me in stitches.
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If you're of a political bent I have been known to laugh out loud at Red, White and News.
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Christopher Walken's twitter (cwalken) makes me laugh out loud.
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Is that really Christopher Walken? If not it's uncannily in character.
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CarlinQuotes is always fun
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Warren Ellis, if you are not easily offended, makes me laugh EVERY DAY.
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Michael Ian Black is usually amusing. Eddie Izzard sometimes has funny quips, but generally it's just news. I enjoy following a few british authors whose senses of humor tickle my fancy: Michael Marshall, Julian Simpson, Sara Pinborough. Then you'll see who they reply to and find more.
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I would highly recommend Laura Ingles Wilder... I also enjoy a little Darth Vader or Cobra Commander when I feel like having a geeky chuckle
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MelvinBison (for Street Fighter fans)
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I would recommend a friend of mine JarfOmega. Makes me laugh pretty much every day.
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I just started following Rob Corddry.

Whoever is doing Hot Amish Chick deserves the Nobel prize in, well, in something.
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I always love Fireland.
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Seconding Hot Amish Chick and Darth Vader.


The ubiquitous Hodgeman


Pretty good: PaulaPoundstone

And regular guy, but funny: JoeSchmitt
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The 100 Best Comedy Twitters, according to Comedy Central.
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hotdogsladies makes me chortle.
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@RedEmma-- didn't Tina Fey say in a recent interview that it's not her on Twitter?

(after some googling)

Yeah, here it is. Or maybe you're enjoying fake Tina Fey in his/her own right. Just thought I should mention it.
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Seconding Michael Ian Black. Also, John Mayer, who said himself that his posts are 80% ridiculous/20% heartfelt. Rainn Wilson is hit or miss. Mindy Kaling is better, just being naturally funny while twittering about her own life.
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I recently started SEOLOL. Basically, when I do SEO work I end up going through thousands of real queries people put into Google. A lot of them are hilarious, and this is the place I list them all.

Also on Tumblr.
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I'm pretty partial to Fireland myself. He's unexpected, and pretty laugh out loud funny at times.
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I like TheZing...
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P Twitty a.k.a. P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Puffy, Sean Combs etc. is the most inspiring thing you will read. No one has positive energy like that man. One of his famous antics: having tantric sex... and twittering while he did it.
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I think Russell Brand is hilarious, but I get the impression he may be an acquired taste for some people. There is also Metafilter's own Wendell.
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if you're a fan of NFL, fake Philip Rivers is hilarious

sometimes the hipsterrunoff is funny. h8 it when he sounds too 'emo' but maybe i just don't 'get' him, yall
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I like DieLaughing and ivegotzooms.
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The Christopher Walken is most likely not not real but the story behind the account tantalizingly leaves open the possibility.
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keith marder is not a celeb or a fake celeb but he's really funny, pretty much doing stand-up into twitter.
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Charlie Brooker is funny, and he always makes me laugh. In fact, I'm pretty much only following comedians on Twitter, but it's surprising how dull some of them can be. David Mitchell, for one, doesn't really flex his comedic muscle on Flickr; he just lets you know when he's published another whiny Guardian article (I do like David Mitchell a lot). Michael Ian Black is sometimes very funny, sometimes not so much. Alan Carr is sometimes amusing (though mostly because I can imagine what he'd sound like saying all his tweets). And Russell Brand's just perplexing.

Then again, I always enjoy Soupy Sales (I don't believe that's real)!
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I meant Twitter where I said Flickr. It's hard to keep these damned sites straight.
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Tina Fey (don't know if it's her or not) is at best occasional, but hilarious:
"I don't even know why I bother to chew corn anymore"
Nick Nolte(fake) is twisted:
"Bobby Flay's comin over later to see who can cook up the tastiest speedball. He don't stand a chance."
Nick Nolte(fake) is twisted:
"I would only remake Citizen Kane if they let me convert Rosebud into a kickass SeaDoo."
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