Trying to unharsh my mellow
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Which websites put a smile on your face when you're feeling down?

Throughout my work day I like to take short "brain breaks" by surfing websites that give a quick dose of humor and let me zone out and stop thinking for a few minutes. My old standbys, sites in the vein of Regretsy and lamebook, are starting to leave me feeling bleh. I've been feeling pretty down lately and the snarky brand of humor seems to make me feel worse.

I'd like to find websites or blogs that are funny in an uplifting way and can be browsed in small chunks. What are your favorite quick fix picker-uppers?
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Best answer: The Happy subreddit works pretty well for me. Everything from cute pet photos to uplifting news stories to simple self-affirmations. Lots of stuff to sift through and smile about.
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I like lately, but it's more "laugh out loud, fall off chair and make everyone around you very suspicious" rather than "puts a smile on your face".
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Strindberg and Helium always crack me up. My SO and I converse in helium voices when things are shitty. It really does help.
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Okay, this isn't really a funny one, but has become my favorite happy-making site lately.
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sometimes is funny
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oh! sorry for the lamebook recommendation, need to read more carefully :/
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Best answer: The Featured Creatue (previously) is a pretty great photoblog full of striking and unusual animals; this entry made my day earlier this week.

Speaking of animals, True American Dog (also previously) is a deliriously silly blog featuring nonsensical headlines backed up by finely-crafted photoshoppery.
posted by Rhaomi at 2:25 AM on March 4, 2011 the funniest site I have ever seen.
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Old Jews Telling Jokes always works for me. ("Laugh loud. We don't hear so good.")
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This is pretty specific, but the photo section of Woof! gets me going.
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It probably depends on your sense of humor, but the hairpin does it for me every time. I know what you're talking about with snark leaving you feeling notsogood, and this site does the opposite of that.
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Best answer: Occasionally melancholy, but usually sweet and/or funny:
Open Letters to People or Entities Who Are Unlikely to Respond.
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I really like my daily dose of Twisted Sifter. It's a pretty low-volume, snark-free blog that focuses on amazing photos, architecture, innovative artists, good web cartoons, etc. that is enjoyable without being a person who is really "into" photography or architecture or art. Plus, every Friday morning they (he? she? it? I kind of get the sense it's a single person behind the blog, using the "editorial we") post the Friday Shirk Report, with 20 silly photos/animated gifs, 10 worthwhile articles, and 5 videos.

Except for the shirk report, it's not really "funny," but I do find that it has a nice "Wow!" factor that may serve your need for a mental pick-me-up as well.
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Best answer: Hyperbole and a Half
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For example:

and seriously, nsfw.
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Best answer: I always enjoy for a smile. Especially this.
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Axe Cop, a webcomic written by a 5 year old kid and drawn by his 30 year old brother. It is wonderfully bizarre.
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Cute Overload always makes me smile with its hundreds of adorable animal pictures and funny captions gushing over their cuteness.
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The Daily WTF is good for tech-centric humor.
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ICQ & Email Pranks at Something Awful. Make sure to check out this one.
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Many of the above are on my daily rotation. Also Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time for weekly laughs (suggestion: headphones). Also check out the Ross Noble Channel, though most of those clips are 10 minutes long rather than a short fast break.
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I wish to dispute being good for a quick break at work - it just made me laugh until I cried and now I really hope no one comes into my office until my face has dried :-)
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Damn You Auto-Correct and Go Fug Yourself are my go-tos.

(on preview: yes, DYAC may result in embarrassing laughing-til-you-cry at work... and so may Hyperbole and a Half.)
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When Parents Text always makes me laugh.
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I adore webcomics and Nedroid is one of my absolute favorites. It is the opposite of snarky, and its cheerful, offbeat, sincere humor might be just the thing for you.
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Daily Puppy and People of Wal-Mart are my go tos!
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It Made My Day's little moments of win always make me smile.
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I'm partial to The Oatmeal.
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Whenever I have a friend who's down, I send them to Singing Horses. It's a one-off, but I have been there dozens of times, and I still clicked on them and laughed getting the link just now.
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I've been reading these and my roommate probably thinks Im insane because of the laughing that ensued..
Seconding Hyperbole and a Half. I've read through every post..
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Response by poster: You're all awesome!! Keep them coming, I'm working my way through all the responses one small chunk at a time!
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Questionable Skills is my favorite. Ted McCagg is funny!
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Good god do I love Lamebook
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McSweeneys lists are filled with "I just peed myself" goodness.
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Best answer: I can't believe nobody has mentioned Icanhascheezburger

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The Comics Curmudgeon is always good for a laugh.
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Cannot believe no one has mentioned Everything is Terrible yet.
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Best answer: The Sleep Talkin' Man hasn't failed me yet.
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It might be considered somewhat snarky, but I have been enjoying reading WTF, D&D!? at SomethingAwful when I need a brain break at work. It makes fun of silly old RPG stuff including the ridiculous art from the old Monster Manual.

If you have a fondness for D&D that would make people poking fun at it upset you, it is not for you. But if you have a passing knowledge of RPGs/Magic, it is silly without feeling like it's really at anyone's expense.
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CAPTCHArt is funny, albeit sort of an acquired taste. Also a big fan of Fake Science.
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Response by poster: So many great answers, thank you all! It was really hard to choose which answers to mark as best... I've marked the ones that a) put a smile on my face and b) are completely new to me, but they've all been amusing and uplifting. :)
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I was keeping a list of sites like this too, but at some point I realized that looking at any site as a break was easy, but I didn't feel any better after it. I've started to take breaks to get up and go outside for a few minutes, get a cup of tea, stretch, or talk to a coworker. After 5-10 minutes, I feel energized and refreshed. Try it out.
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