Does anyone else miss Brunching Shuttlecocks?
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What sites do you visit when you want a laugh?

Recommend to me your go-to humor web sites. I'm mostly thinking of humor writing, but any video content you find funny (or any sites that follow such) would be fine too. Who do you visit for a regular laugh?
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Damn You Auto Correct has some gems.
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Hyperbole and a Half isn't being updated right now, but the archives are amazing.

If you have a certain kind of dog, this one about moving will make you CRY WITH LAUGHTER.
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Clients From Hell
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Work LOLS (a sister site to Damn You Autocorrect)
Old Jews Telling Jokes (videos - just what it says!)
Dave Barry's website
Awful Library Books
Happy Place
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The oatmeal.
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the bloggess
not always right
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I find Lisa Hanawalt to be hilarious.
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I like an awful lot.
posted by dotgirl at 11:17 PM on February 24, 2012 is one of my favorites
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Various things, some more obscure than others:

America's Finest News Source
Not Always Right
Dresden Codak
Commentary Tracks of the Damned on Humorous reviews of the commentary tracks of awful movies.
Many of the sketches from That Mitchell and Webb Look (a tv show) are on Youtube. Try here or here.
Idle Words: Blog with entries on many different subjects. The writing often makes me laugh.
Good Show Sir: Only the worst science fiction and fantasy book covers (with commentary)
The LawDog Files: Stories from the childhood and career of a peace officer in Texas (Don't be turned off by the fact that they're on a gun forum; they're hilarious.)

Also, I second xkcd,, and Hyperbole and a Half.
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Reddit's clean joke thread - I spent two sick days shrieking (yes) w laughter over this & then I spent two days at work firing off jokes nonstop to my co-workers and customers.

When Parents Text - be warned, it has triggered my biological clock big time. It makes me long for a child of my own to text with. Funny, often warm fuzzy :)
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The video movie reviews at Spill always have me in stitches. The full-length audio reviews are equally funny and are great to have playing in the background when doing housework.
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The Broadband Comedy Network (AKA Decidely NSFW.
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Passive Aggressive Notes! Especially the kids section.
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Not humor writing or video for that matter, (but there are a bunch of comics posted above, so I'll dare it), Cakewrecks posts pictures of unexplainable phenomenon in the world of commercial cake decorating.

The single video that makes me laugh every time I watch it, Danny Boy, as performed by the Muppets.
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Long defunct, but if you like your humor in a texty format, read all the way through Fuck You, Penguin if you've not done so already.
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I think you meant
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Animals Talking in All Caps has had me doubling over
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Myths retold
posted by cynicalidealist at 6:47 AM on February 25, 2012 [3 favorites] Emails from an asshole ALWAYS makes me LOL.
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pracowity: Argh.
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Bulimia's so '87
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The stuff at 27b/6 can be pretty mean-spirited, but often has me holding my sides.
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Abstruse Goose
Tastefully Offensive
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You know the spam emails you get from wealthy Africans looking to invest etc? Many have made a hobby of replying, stringing them along and torturing them in creative and often hilarious ways. One of several sites is 419 Eater.
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craigslist flag help forum
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The new and improved (felines only!) Lolcats.
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Sleep Talkin Man
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Both the posts and comments in shitty ask science, a subreddit spoofing r/askscience.

Something awful, if you dig just a tad.
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Tom and Lorenzo's catty observations about fashion. Case in point on the outfit Helena Bonham Carter recently wore to receive her Commander of the British Empire Medal from the Queen - "We love that she showed up at Buckingham palace looking a bit like a Victorian-era streetwalker. Do you think Betty said anything about Helena’s portrayal of her mother? Or did she just mumble 'Quite nice tits' at her?"
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While not a dedicated website per se, here's a spot that's right in the neighborhood: The Metafilter Instant Rimshot thread. That thread had me in tears, and the instant rimshot link is something that I still hit occasionally.
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Definitely David Thorne!! Start with Missing Missy! Absolutely hilarious!
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I just want to pop in and answer the title with YES GOD YES.
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God, I lose my head at Ugliest Tattoos. Especially the bad portraits.
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