Funniest debate live tweeters?
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Who are the funniest people to follow on Twitter during the presidential debate?

During the last two debates (VP and the last Pres) I really enjoyed Patton Oswalt's Twitter updates. Paul and Storm also served up hilarious commentary.

Who else is worth following tonight? I lean liberal so I'd prefer people with a similar bent but non-partisan is fine as are conservatives as long as they offer funny, somewhat-intelligent stuff rather than just the crap your Crazy Republican Uncle says on Facebook.

I'm specifically looking for people to follow who will be live-tweeting the debate, not just Your Favorite Funny Person On Twitter.

Funny is key. Unless they're doing bong hits tonight between 9:00 and 11:00 I don't want to know what Ann Coulter or Joe Biden are tweeting.
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Chris Rock was painfully hilarious last time around, for both P and VP debates.
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I've been liking Bill Maher.
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Unfortunately, the Chris Rock account that was tweeting during the debates is a parody account. HOWEVER, it's still funny. And recommended.

Here are some accounts that have been consistently funny the last few debates:

Bill Maher
Patton Oswalt
Paul Ford
Mo Rocca
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John Fugelsang.
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The guys from Key and Peele do the blindingly hilarious Obama's Anger Translator. It kept me cracking up the entire time during the last debate. Particularly, this tweet :

Obama Translated‏@ObamaTranslated
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Kumail Nanjiani is pretty funny (and pretty mad about the fakey Chris Rock account.) @kumailn He's Pakistani (maybe Pakistani-American?) so might have some zingers laced with, you know, knowledge for the foreign policy debate.
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Witstream. All the funniest people in one place.
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Not twitter, but The Economist Live Blog is a pretty good mix of politics and humor. Link goes to second presidential debate.
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Andy Borowitz!
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Ana Marie Cox, founder of Wonkette.
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I spent the last three debates hiding under a quilt eating anxiolytics in the company of:
Paul RyanGosling
Adam Kotsko
Susie Bright
Onion Politics
Dave Pell
Gerry Canavan (MeFi's own)
Claire Potter
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Vanity Fair was good last debate.
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Mott Romney
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Jenny Johnson
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John Fugelsang (as mentioned) and (TV's) Frank Conniff were great.
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