Welcome to L'Estaminet. You'd like a Duvel.. and spaghetti? But what's your name?!
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Which Belgian character orders spaghetti and a Duvel at L'Estaminet in Bruges?

I was at L'Estaminet on my trip to Europe and met some locals. I'd just finished eating spaghetti and we started chatting. They mentioned a Belgian character (possibly a detective) who visits L'Estaminet to have spaghetti and a Duvel. And then they bought me a Duvel to complete the experience!

But I can't remember the name of the character for the life of me.
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Was it Maigret, the detective created by Georges Simenon?
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Best answer: No, it's Commissioner Pieter Van In. (English language article on the subject) It's become a real kind of tourist/pilgrimage thing to do at L'Estaminet... order a "Van In" and you get spaghetti and a Duvel verte, yes?

I couldn't find English translations of the books, but they're available in French...
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Seconding Van In. The Duvel is better than the books. Don't know about the spaghetti, although one fears the worst.
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Response by poster: The spaghetti was cheap, filling, and greasy. Two out of three? Thanks!
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