What should I have on my freelance editing website?
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What would you like to see on a freelance developmental/managing editor’s website?

I have freelanced part-time while working full-time for the past four years. With the current awesome economy, it is very possible that I will be let go in the near future. I’ve decided to start preparing myself for that possibility by setting myself up to move into freelancing full-time if necessary. To that end, I’ve registered my name and a variation of it as domain names, and will be getting hosting shortly. I plan to use the website as a marketing tool for myself/my services.

I work primarily with medical books and journals (both at work and freelancing), though I have worked with other science/technical publications. I have various skills, which I plan to list on the site. I have various resources available to me, which I plan to list on the site. I’m also going to contact authors/editors I have worked with in the past, to have them “blurb” me if they are willing.

I know that most freelance jobs in my field are obtained by networking and previous contacts, but it can’t hurt to have something shiny to show potential clients.

What other things should I consider adding to the site? Is there anything I absolutely should NOT include? I’ve perused many other freelancer websites (people’s personal ones, not job boards) and almost all of them are poorly designed, have too much info, or have too little info. I don’t have decades of experience, but I do have several years of varied experience, so I don’t want to include too much or too little.

Anonymous because my full-time job doesn’t need to know what I’m up to.
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Don't overdo it; all that's needed is:
- Clean, clear, professional design
- Get straight to the point about who you are and what you can do
- Show off your best work
- Make it easy to get in touch
- Build it to be search-engine friendly

I wouldn't include pricing unless it's standard practice in your field, and don't misrepresent yourself (e.g. don't try to seem like a large, very formal company if you're a friendly, informal individual).
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Well, what I'd really be interested in seeing is before-and-after examples of your work. But if that won't fly, good testimonials can be pretty persuasive.
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