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Any pro tips for a weekend in Bruges without a car? Needless to say, we like beer and we like food, hence the trip to Belgium What is not to miss?
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Bruges, at least the central, touristy area, is very easy to get around without a car, so you won't much need to worry about that. Beerwise, you should probably hit Cambrinus, which is right off the square.
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It's three years old, but, still, don't even consider this trip without bringing along Tim Webb's Good Beer Guide to Belgium.
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Definitely tour De Halve Maan.
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You can rent a bike, if you'd like, though I walked happily around Bruges for 2 days. Have a few drinks at 't Brugs Beertje. I had a fantastic meal at De Watermolen, at Oostmeers 130, near the train station.
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Definitely rent a bike. It's cheap and easy and the surrounding countryside is beautiful. Damme is a nice place to visit and you ride along a bike path on a canal the entire way.

If you're taking the train, you might want to pay for a cab to your hotel. You can probably walk, but rolly suitcases on cobble stone streets are a pain in the ass.

Otherwise, you don't need a car for anything. It's small and walkable.
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There are a lot of alcoves in the Astridpark.
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You don't need a car in Brugge, we were there for 3 days and walked or used the hotel's bikes to go everywhere easily.

There are lots of cheesy touristy things to do (we visited both the chocolate & frites museum, which were hilarious in a very goofy way).

The boat tour of the canals is fun and offers a nice way to see the city from a different perspective.

Our favourite meal there was at Den Dyver, which is high-end dining with beer-pairings instead of wine, perfect for beer-lovers (like us).

There is also a great park & walking/biking trail all the way around the old city, and you are never far from a patio to stop for a beer!
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If you haven't already, watch In Bruges before going. Not that it will give you that much insight, but it's a good movie and there aren't that many from that city.
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Next to the Bourgondich Hof (sp?) hotel (just ask where it is) is a bar that allegedly serves every beer made in Belgium. They have a cool outdoor area along a canal. I wasn't in Bruges for a long time, but when we were there this bar closed early, like before nightfall. They have a Beer Wall with all the beers on display. Great place!

Agreeing with the other posters, don't get a car. In 2 days we saw damn near the whole town just walking. Fantastic place, one of the most surprising gems I've ever been to. Get the museum pass, as the museums are really small and you can see several in a couple days easily.
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Hi, I am a repeat visitor to Flanders and Brugge.
- Don't get a car. Hell, you don't even need a bike for the city center.
- If you want to climb the bell tower, go early in the day. Last time we had to skip it even in November because the lines were so long.
- My favorite waffle place is right across the street from the grocery store Delhaize at Noordzandstraat 4. Make like you're exiting the grocery store and at about your 10 o'clock, on the corner, is a black and white awning covering the world's best waffles. These are true waffles, with the crunchy grains of big sugar melted in. I like them plain best. Anything else is a tourist waffle.
- While talking about the Delhaize, go in and get some specilties! I love the speculoos cookies, and the speculoos paste (almost-gingerbread-cookie-flavored paste of peanut butter texture), Chokotoff (Nutella, but no hazelnut - dark chocolate and caramel!), cremay genevers (alcohols with vanilla, chocolate and more flavors), and cheap beer if you're into that. And more sauces than you can shake a stick at.
- Though I am sure there are better frituur, I do like the one on the main square with the "1898" or whatever year in the window. The upper level is great for watching from while you eat.
- Get the map by locals that is available free in the hostels. Don't buy the map in the train station. You can also print and make your own
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No car needed, just good shoes and a will to walk.

Definately seconding Den Dyver for a meal and 't Brugs Beertje for a few beers (say "Hi" to Daisy for me).
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