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My whole life I've sucked at naming things, now I need to come up with a Roller Derby name and I want it to be awesome!

I've had a few suggestions from friends that I like but they don't really say anything about me. Ideally, I want something geeky but not so obscure that only super-geeks are going to get it, something that will make people go "ha, that's clever" the first time they see it. But I'm open to all suggestions.
I'm a web developer, I play video games - mostly RPGs like elder scrolls, KoToR and NWN, I love cult-tv/sci-fi shows like firefly, buffy/angel, red dwarf, star wars, stargate, true blood and when I was a kid, Jessica Rabbit was who I wanted to be when I grew up! I also like Star Trek and loads of Crime shows (CSI, the Mentalist, Bones etc) but they're less cool ;)

(bonus points if there's a 1-3 digit number that goes with it)
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(DB of existing roller derby names - not sure how up to date it is though)

Hater Lovelace
Jessica Rip-it
Just-Kill-Her Rabbit
Reaver Tam
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I haven't run into a May Kitso yet. What's your programming language of choice?

(twoevils is at least a year behind, and I'm not sure how much of the community bothers with it any more. I don't think my league registers with them any more)
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My league doesn't use the two-evils list either, just need to be approved by the committee.

Mostly I'm a PHP dev.

Took me a sec to get it but when I did May Kitso did make me smile, we do already have a May though
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Jessica Rabid
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Deanna Des-Troi
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Beverly Crush-her
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Sookie Whackhouse
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Lena Hyena
Jessica Bobbitt
808 Skate
Space Kadette
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Tru Lee Bloody
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Princess Sleia
Minnie Moose
Betty Rumble
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Mine was always gonna be Killvia Shankhurst (after Sylvia Pankhurst, heroine of the British suffragette movement). It's yours if you want it.
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Sharon Elbows!
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Jessica Ram-it
The Hellmouth
Once More With Rolling
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404 Hot Pound
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Breaks Seven
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Prickly PEAR
Double Claw Hannah (in tribute to this)
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Svetlana Of Nine
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Sugar 'n' Vice
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Mr. Data's 1st
Captain Maim-way
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The Csar of Chasm
Do You Copy?
Destructrix Permaflex
Sergeant Malaise (Soon to be General)

Smasha Yar (Natasha Yar)

Ctrl-W, Ctrl-Y (kill & yank in linux)

And following from an idea above
Princess Leia -> Princess Sleia -> Princess Slaya!
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Even if you don't go by the Two Evils list, please do the courtesy of googling and finding out if there is someone out there with the same or similar name and email them to get their approval. Taking someone else's name, even if you may never play against them, is a good way to get off on the wrong foot in the derby community. Besides, it's much more fun to be unique and not the "OTHER _____".
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Beverly Crush-her ---> alternatively, Dr Crush-her

Sever Of Nine
Captain Painway
Jadzia Whacks/Smacks
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I love Beverly Crush-her. That's awesome.
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Red Shirt's Revenge
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Jessica Slam-It.
P.H.P.- Pain, honey. Pain.
J. Tiberius Smirk, or Jessica Tiberius Smirk.
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Honey Von Trapp
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Encyclopedia Frown

I made it up for myself, but I'll never be a derby girl.
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I have more:
Princess Beat-her-up (Buttercup)
Blood Red Dwarf
Buffy the Umpire Slayer
Buffy Slammers
Jaws Wheeldon (heeeh, get it?)
Inara Serrated
Fe-Mal Reynolds
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Slamantha Carter.
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Please Google, especially if it's not on Two Evils! Many leagues have given up on Two Evils at this point, but still do your due diligence. You may also want to check Facebook, since a lot of girls have their derby names as their "alternate" Facebook names or even have Facebook pages.

Remember as you consider names that you will wind up with a short version of your name, which people will yell at you in the pack and call you for short. You'll get your full name on your jersey (if it's not too long!) and in the program, but you're never going to get called the whole thing on a regular basis by your leaguemates.

The classic example from this DerbyLife article on choosing your name is MisTits from Silicon Valley -- she wound up being called "Tits" or "Titties" all the time, and she has since changed her name.

And even if you anticipate the short name, you might get a different one depending on what's easier to shout when you've got a mouthguard in and the jammer's coming.
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Remember as you consider names that you will wind up with a short version of your name, which people will yell at you in the pack and call you for short.

I wanted people to call me "Kicktoria", I ended up "Queenie"

Also consider this, which has happened in my league:

1. Skater chooses a name; no one uses it (everyone calls her "Blue" because she wore a blue helmet for the first year she played)

2. Skater chooses a name; everyone tells her "no, you can't use that, you have to use *this* because it's perfect" (her last name is a homophone for a brand of skate, so her derby name is now "[First Name] Rollerskates")

3. Someone will just start calling you a name that everyone else picks up on.
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