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March 5

Back in the New York groove.

Yet another request for New York City ideas, sorry. [more inside]
posted by Cosine around New York, NY at 11:15 AM - 16 answers

February 20

Midtown coffee digs

A friend and I are planning on meeting at the Morgan Library & Museum in Midtown Manhattan (on Madison between 36th and 37th) on Saturday morning and would like to grab a casual breakfast at a coffee shop or bakery beforehand around 9 am. Where in the area has delicious pastries and/or breakfast sandwiches and lots of comfortable seating? [more inside]
posted by andrewesque around New York, NY at 12:37 PM - 4 answers has best

December 27, 2018

Where to stay in NYC

My amazing wife got us tickets to a couple Broadway shows this spring for Christmas. Question now is where to stay. [more inside]
posted by noneuclidean around New York, NY at 2:45 PM - 26 answers

December 12, 2018

How best to handle parking during Manhattan vacation?

We’re trying to figure out cheapest options. We’re driving to Manhattan (from Maryland) on Dec. 22 and leaving Christmas morning. We’re driving a small SUV with 5 people and luggage. Does it make the most sense to 1. Hope we can find a space in Manhattan near our hotel. 2. Find or reserve a garage and pay for 3 days of parking. 3. Park in Jersey City/Hoboken/Weehawken and cab/Uber in. Any suggestions appreciated.
posted by Mr. Justice around New York, NY at 7:06 AM - 24 answers has best

December 10, 2018

Reasonable amount of time to spend in NYC?

We are possibly taking a trip to NYC to see a Broadway show - the timing will depend on when we can get tickets, but likely April-ish. We've never been before, and would love to do some sightseeing - how long is long enough for a quick trip to actually see things? Recommendations welcome! [more inside]
posted by needlegrrl around New York, NY at 2:46 PM - 23 answers

December 2, 2018

NYC View

Where are some of the best non-touristy spots in NYC for a view of the city? [more inside]
posted by morning_television around New York, NY at 2:27 PM - 18 answers

November 14, 2018

gift of NYC experience for foreign fan of city or ... a cool NYC poster

I have a friend in Germany who is a big fan of New York City, and who has been there many times. I'd like to get her an "experience" present that she can use next time she's there. See inside for the main complication, and the fallback idea ... [more inside]
posted by intermod around New York, NY at 8:24 AM - 15 answers has best

November 9, 2018

NJ Transit the day before Thanksgiving

I'm considering making a day trip to New York to see a matinee the day before Thanksgiving. How crowded will the NJ Transit northeast corridor line to/from Hamilton NJ be? Will I be able to find a seat? I will of course do my best to avoid rush hour, but I've been worried it might be super busy leaving New York in the evening if everybody is trying to go visit their families in NJ.
posted by interplanetjanet around New York, NY at 8:22 AM - 10 answers

October 29, 2018

To rent or to buy and sell - short term car needs

I just accepted a 5-6 month long project in an area I do not live inanymore. I will need to setup temporary housing as well as acquire a vehicle for the duration. Do I do a long term rental? Should I buy a car and sell it at the offset? More details inside. [more inside]
posted by wile e around New York, NY at 5:58 PM - 8 answers has best

October 19, 2018

Where to read on NYC on a Friday night

I'm in New York City. I want to go and read somewhere tonight (Friday), that is not a Starbucks, open until at least 10 pm or even midnight, where I can sit in a comfortable couch/chair/sofa and order refreshments (coffee, tea, alcohol, light snacks). [more inside]
posted by andrewesque around New York, NY at 12:33 PM - 13 answers

October 4, 2018

Looking for some comedy in NYC October 14-17

Looking for some good comedy when I visit NYC October 14-17th. [more inside]
posted by smeater44 around New York, NY at 12:56 PM - 7 answers has best

August 15, 2018

Hypothetical New York City Life/Neighborhood Question No. ######

What does a low-key, queer, non-drinking centric, geeky, single people + family friendly NYC life look like? Hypothetical move day-dream snowflakes within. [more inside]
posted by elephantsvanish around New York, NY at 5:12 PM - 12 answers

having some...reservations (ba dum tssh)

I'm traveling to NYC and debating between booking an Airbnb or a regular hotel. Is Airbnb in New York an epic gamble/mistake in light of the "crackdown" on hosts I keep reading about? [more inside]
posted by We put our faith in Blast Hardcheese around New York, NY at 7:21 AM - 11 answers

July 27, 2018

How do I park in NYC without crying?

My sob story and my plans are below the fold. Basically I need help knowing where to park on the cheap and easy. [more inside]
posted by turtlefu around New York, NY at 8:05 PM - 8 answers has best

July 12, 2018

Moving to NYC! From Toronto!

I'm moving to NYC (and, specifically, Brooklyn) from Toronto in about a month. Actually, exactly a month to date. I don't have a lot of stuff, I don't have a car, I hate driving enough to be willing to spend some money. Best way to move? [more inside]
posted by atetrachordofthree around New York, NY at 5:29 AM - 12 answers has best

July 9, 2018

NYC Tourist Itinerary Question

I'm going to NYC for a week and need some help with my itinerary. Geographical advice and can't-miss ideas welcome! Draft plans inside. [more inside]
posted by hepta around New York, NY at 10:25 AM - 25 answers

June 12, 2018

Where can I stow my car in Astoria?

NYC Filter: I'm looking for a place to park my car for several days as near as possible to the 30th Ave MTA station in Astoria. What are some good, secure, affordable options? [more inside]
posted by Cogito around New York, NY at 6:33 PM - 5 answers

June 1, 2018

Memorable or lovely swimming in NYC?

I'm going to be in NYC (staying in Brooklyn) for the first half of June. I've had some memorable swims and paddles while travelling, and I'm looking for suggestions of anything really good in New York - sea/ocean, indoor pool, outdoor pool. What's good? [more inside]
posted by carbide around New York, NY at 2:44 AM - 25 answers has best

May 25, 2018

Why is the PATH station at World Trade Center so hard to leave?

I was housesitting recently for someone in New Jersey and took PATH to work at the World Trade Center, and walking through the station to reach the exit seemed to take longer than the train ride. (The exit I wanted, on Greenwich, seemed especially hard to reach; I had to double back across the length of the building.) Does anyone know why it's designed this way? Is it just trying to trap people in the mall? Isn't it unsafe in an emergency to have the exits so far from the trains?
posted by pinochiette around New York, NY at 6:54 AM - 6 answers has best

May 24, 2018

Summer 2018 Hammock Tour of NYC

Where in New York City or adjacent areas can I find hammocks or other suspended seating? [more inside]
posted by rabbitbookworm around New York, NY at 7:52 AM - 7 answers has best