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September 26

What to do in San Diego?

My parents and I are going to San Diego for a week in mid-November. What should we definitely not miss while we're there? [more inside]
posted by darchildre around San Diego, CA at 5:44 PM - 11 answers

February 4

San Diego in early March 2023

For a weekend in San Diego in early March what should we expect for weather THIS year? Asking for hunches from SoCal resident types instead of relying on averages from Google. [more inside]
posted by ojocaliente around San Diego, CA at 8:52 AM - 8 answers

December 29, 2022

San Diego vacay

I’m planning a family trip to San Diego in April, just after Easter. We want to see the zoo and Legoland. Looking for tips and advice on hotels, transportation, and tickets. (Family is two adults and a 7-year-old traveling from Austin.) [more inside]
posted by erloteiel around San Diego, CA at 12:10 PM - 10 answers

June 6, 2022

Camping suggestions - Grants Pass to Mendocino

My partner and I got an invite on short notice which will land us in Mendocino on the 14th. We are heading down Hwy. 199 from Grants Pass starting on Sunday the 12th, then one more day of camping if we can manage it off of Hwy. 101 before Mendocino. What should we consider before heading out? [more inside]
posted by diode around San Diego, CA at 1:16 PM - 5 answers has best

August 1, 2019

Kill a couple hours in San Diego before checking in

We will be landing in San Diego around noon on Monday and have about 4 hours to kill before we can check into our rental house. What should we do? Some complications below the fold. [more inside]
posted by LKWorking around San Diego, CA at 1:07 PM - 14 answers

March 17, 2019

What to do with young-ish kids in San Diego in late March?

I'm taking my girls, ages 6 & 9, to San Diego for five days (including travel) at the end of March. I haven't been there since I was 6 myself. Trying to plan an itinerary. [more inside]
posted by gottabefunky around San Diego, CA at 11:24 AM - 15 answers

August 20, 2018

How to vacation

Mr. 77 and I are heading to San Diego this weekend for 4-5 days. We haven't vacationed much outside of visiting family, and I'd like your help with general advice as well as San Diego-centric advice. [more inside]
posted by hydra77 around San Diego, CA at 9:43 AM - 21 answers has best

July 14, 2017

San Diego in one day-o

One day in San Diego: what should we do? Asking for a co-worker (and also for me, sort of; see post-script): My wife and I have one day in San Diego coming up in early August. It's a weekday, the length is not negotiable, but assume it's a full day. Is there something in San Diego we absolutely should not miss (except the zoo, unfortunately)? Where should we eat (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)? [more inside]
posted by cooker girl around San Diego, CA at 7:33 AM - 14 answers has best

April 3, 2017

San Diego / La Jolla beachy babymoon suggestions

We'll be spending a week in La Jolla in mid-May - suggestions for things to do / places to eat at? [more inside]
posted by peacheater around San Diego, CA at 12:37 PM - 8 answers has best

March 11, 2017

Driving from North Bay Area to San Diego. Important route / trip tips?

I am planning to leave Monday at around 4 a.m. from the Santa Rosa area, driving to San Diego. Car full of kids. Are there any routes I should avoid? Anything else to know about? I've never made this trip before and have only flown to SoCal once. Thanks!
posted by circular around San Diego, CA at 1:36 PM - 10 answers has best

February 4, 2017

Work near the beach in San Diego

Where can I get some work done near the beach in San Diego? [more inside]
posted by raspberrE around San Diego, CA at 12:39 PM - 5 answers has best

November 25, 2016

Recommend a San Diego brunch/dinner cruise?

I'd like to do a brunch or dinner cruise for two in San Diego, can you recommend a company? Most important would be relaxing and at least somewhat romantic. Cost, alcohol not important. Relatively quiet, decent food, table for two, nice views more important. Loud music, fighting for a nice table/lack of reserved seating/group seating, crowded are minuses that I don't see much about on yelp reviews. Possibly I am mostly thinking of ferry crossings and none of these negatives actually apply. Suggestions for a specific company or recommended cruise? Thanks!!
posted by lemonade around San Diego, CA at 7:36 PM - 2 answers

October 16, 2016

Travel advice for San Diego please!

Hello MeFites! Due to some odd scheduling issues with my job, I'm going to be spending several days in San Diego fairly soon. I am almost totally unfamiliar with the city and would like some advice about where to go while I'm there. I am very excited to go to San Diego, because it's a big city with lots of amenities, but the downside is that it's so big that I have no idea where to start. I am a special snowflake traveler and details are under the cut. [more inside]
posted by bile and syntax around San Diego, CA at 11:01 AM - 6 answers

July 5, 2016

San Diego relaxing beachy vacation

I perused many of the San Diego questions but didn't feel that any fit the bill. I'm going to San Diego with my husband the last weekend (Thu-Sun) in July (weekend after Comic-con). We'd like to do relaxing beach-y (walking along or swimming, not surfing) or historical sight-seeing things, sit in nice coffeeshops and eat good food. More snowflakes inside. [more inside]
posted by permiechickie around San Diego, CA at 10:30 PM - 18 answers

March 28, 2016

Fun, street-art photo op, geeky things to see in San Diego?

Me, my elementary-age kid and spouse will be traveling to San Diego in several weeks. Things I would love to see there: fun street art (eg - a giant Mario on a brick wall, murals, pop art, etc) cool outdoor sculptures that kids are allowed to climb on, etc. [more inside]
posted by 41swans around San Diego, CA at 1:17 PM - 7 answers has best

September 16, 2015

Fill my free afternoon in San Diego

I have one free afternoon and a one-day trolley pass. No car. Have already stuffed myself with food. Where should I go, and what should I see? [more inside]
posted by amelioration around San Diego, CA at 12:40 PM - 6 answers

July 10, 2015

Two free days in San Diego for adults.

Two free days in San Diego next week with my 66 year-old mother. Assuming we're not going to visit Sea World/the Zoo/Legoland - what do you recommend we do (and where should we eat)? [more inside]
posted by Ufez Jones around San Diego, CA at 8:45 AM - 18 answers has best

May 19, 2015

San Diego Vacation

I would like to take my wife and two kids ( 4 & 6 ) to the San Diego Zoo. Outside of that, what else is awesome to do in San Diego? We will rent a car. We will be going sometime in July. Where should we stay? Give me all the cool things we should do during a 5 day period.
posted by jasondigitized around San Diego, CA at 5:39 AM - 15 answers

April 13, 2015

Best way to get from San Diego Airport to Del Mar?

Flying into San Diego Airport late Friday night. What's the best way to quickly get to Del Mar without spending a fortune? [more inside]
posted by kingoftonga86 around San Diego, CA at 8:30 AM - 6 answers has best

March 17, 2015

Vacation house in San Diego for a BIG family

I've need to find a house in San Diego for my family vacation. This means 4 adult couples, 3 kids and 2 toddlers. I know about VRBO but the last time I was in San Diego was 10 years ago and stayed at a tiny hotel downtown, so I don't really know what areas to look at that would be nice for a summer vacation. Please help. [more inside]
posted by CrazyLemonade around San Diego, CA at 10:25 AM - 4 answers