Fill my free afternoon in San Diego
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I have one free afternoon and a one-day trolley pass. No car. Have already stuffed myself with food. Where should I go, and what should I see?

I've got a free afternoon before my conference starts, and the person I was supposed to meet and work with this afternoon had a delayed flight. I've stuffed myself full of Mexican food and am standing at the Barrio Logan trolley station with a one-day pass. Where should I take the trolley, and what should I see there?
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Take the trolley to the downtown stop (City College exit) and go to Balboa Park (walk or grab a Lyft/Uber/cab). There are lots of museums and the arboretum is free.
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That day pass is also good on buses, so you have a ton of possibilities.

--Go to Old Town. A bit touristy, but not too bad. Look for the renovated old-style architecture. Most of the food there is decent.

--Take the 3, 7, 120, or Rapid 215 buses to Balboa Park. Tons of museums, most worth the cost: art, natural history, transportation, anthropology/culture, model trains, photography, and more. Plenty of free things: Timken Museum, botanical house, lily pond, rose garden, cactus garden, Palm Canyon, Alcazar Garden, people-watching. Decent food and drink at Panama 66, the cafe next to the San Diego Art Museum.
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I'd go see the Maritime Museum because the HMS Surprise lives there, and then you can pretend you're living out Master & Commander.

or maybe that's just me
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Nthing Balboa Park. I don't mind Old Town, but yeah, it's definitely more tourist-oriented; it does has an interesting adobe.
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I would go to Ocean Beach and get a beer at Pizza Port, then go grab a sandwich at Poma's and take it out and watch the sun set from the pier. Or maybe walk down to Sunset Cliffs if I had time.
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Definitely Old Town - the park is touristy but tranquil with a lot of surrounding businesses but also some art galleries. Good food. If you want more commercial experience - bars, shops, restaurants, get off at Gaslamp Quarter and walk around the Gaslamp Quarter.
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