Best way to get from San Diego Airport to Del Mar?
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Flying into San Diego Airport late Friday night. What's the best way to quickly get to Del Mar without spending a fortune?

We'll be flying into the San Diego Airport a little after midnight on Friday. We're staying at a house in Del Mar. What's the best way to get there without breaking the bank? Taxis look to be pretty pricy, and I'm getting conflicting information on whether or not Uber/Lyft will pick up passengers at the airport. I'd be okay with renting a car, but will any rental agencies be open that late? And I'd rather not have to spend an hour taking a shuttle to a rental car place and filling out all the paperwork.

Any suggestions would be welcome.
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A Taxi ride will be about $60. Is that too pricey?

There's public transportation during the day, but after midnight I'm not sure you have any other options. Most rental agencies close by 11pm I think.
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Best answer: I just checked and National is open 24 hours at SAN. I imagine they all are, but I'd call to confirm anyway. You can book the thing online before you get there and save some time.
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Due to its relative dearth of public transportation, the San Diego area has a number of private airport shuttle businesses. They are pretty popular. I've used Cloud 9 and Super Shuttle myself. I think this would be your best bet to get up to Del Mar.

Most rental car places are just off airport, so you would end up waiting for & taking the rental car shuttle, standing in line, etc ...
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Dashy is correct about public transportation from the airport and the private airport shuttles. If you need to get to Del Mar quickly at that time of day, then either a private airport shuttle or uber/lyft are the way to go.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. I ended up renting a car from National based on the reviews online. By signing up for their member club, I was able to pick up a car and be on my way within 15 minutes, and the overall price for 3 days was cheaper than a cab ride one-way!
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