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April 1, 2013

Owning a car in Ireland as a Dual Citizen (USA and IRELAND) living in US

Is it possible for a person with dual citizenship (USA and Ireland; residing in the USA) to register and get insurance for an automobile in Ireland (the north of Ireland to be specific) if the person does not reside in Ireland? And if so, how? [more inside]
posted by aelish around Ireland, Scotland at 1:55 PM - 5 answers

March 15, 2013

Vacationing in the Scottish highlands w/o car - madness?

My family and I are considering a vacation in the Scottish highlands this summer, but aren't sure whether it would be worthwhile, given our lack of car. If it does make sense, we'd love specific advice about places to see and/or tour companies to patronize. Could any Mefites familiar with Scotland weigh in? [more inside]
posted by UniversityNomad around Scotland at 6:08 PM - 21 answers

November 28, 2012

Where can I watch the Seahawks game in Scotland?

Where can I watch the Seahawks game in Scotland? [more inside]
posted by Alien Parachute Man around Edinburgh, Scotland at 3:38 PM - 5 answers has best

November 19, 2012

Winter Scotland trip questions

I'll be travelling to Scotland soon and I would love some suggestions from Metafilter, especially for tour groups in Scotland and my layover in Shannon, Ireland, but any recommendations are welcome! [more inside]
posted by Salamandrous around Scotland at 8:06 AM - 11 answers

October 29, 2012

Driving right on the left side of the road

Canadian wishing to drive in Scotland and the Hebrides - never drove on the left side before - how to prepare? [more inside]
posted by seawallrunner around Scotland at 7:42 PM - 29 answers has best

September 4, 2012

Help me plan the final details of our Scottish honeymoon!

My almost-husband and I are leaving for our Scottish honeymoon in less than a week. Hooray! I think I've finally nailed down most of the details—after many, many hours of scouring the Interwebs—but I do have some things I'm hoping that the Mefites over the pond or seasoned UK travelers can help me with. Mostly transit-based questions within (warning: I'm one of those people who absolutely must plan these kinds of ridiculous details in advance, to prevent myself from stressing out and becoming a complete nutjob), but also a few less-important (but more fun) bonus questions, just because. [more inside]
posted by divisjm around Scotland at 10:37 AM - 24 answers has best

August 19, 2012

Off to the Highlands I go!

Where should I go for a short trip (3 days) to the Scottish Highlands? [more inside]
posted by snowysoul around Scotland at 2:28 PM - 9 answers has best

August 7, 2012

What can I do with a weekday morning in Edinburgh?

I'm arriving at Edinburgh airport at 7.45am on a weekday, and taking a train from Edinburgh Waverley at 1.30pm on the same day. What can I do or see in Edinburgh (including getting breakfast somewhere) and ensure I catch my train at 1.30pm? More details inside. [more inside]
posted by lizabeth around Edinburgh, Scotland at 4:10 AM - 19 answers has best

July 24, 2012

Ack I'm a punk!

Any opinions on my chances of passing airport security and boarding a RyanAir flight in Edinburgh wearing a kilt with one three inch and eight two inch steal rings? [more inside]
posted by jeffburdges around Edinburgh, Scotland at 3:28 PM - 9 answers has best

July 15, 2012

Is it feasible to get from Edinburgh airport to Waverley Station in an hour and fifteen minutes?

Is it feasible to get from Edinburgh airport to Waverley Station in an hour and fifteen minutes? We're arriving on a flight from the Republic of Ireland. Perfectly happy to pay whatever is necessary. [more inside]
posted by Nelsormensch around Edinburgh, Scotland at 3:30 PM - 15 answers has best

July 9, 2012

Hints for family life in Glasgow?

A friend is planning to spend six months in Glasgow and has questions about day-to-day matters: housing; music; dancing; groceries; school; and other matters. I've already sent her previous Glasgow-related questions, and I'll happily forward your more current recommendations. [more inside]
posted by MonkeyToes around Glasgow, Scotland at 5:26 AM - 9 answers

June 23, 2012

Scotland - Road Trip & T in the Park

Upcoming Trip to Scotland: Itinerary, Road trip & T in the Park [more inside]
posted by angsolom around Scotland at 10:14 AM - 11 answers

June 20, 2012

Weird me out in Edinburgh

Last time you helped weird me out in London. Now help me go beyond the usual tourist activities up north in Edinburgh, please. [more inside]
posted by MsMolly around Edinburgh, Scotland at 7:57 AM - 17 answers

May 25, 2012

Must-sees and advice for short Ireland-Isle of Man - England visit?

Help my boyfriend have an awesome solo Ireland - Isle of Man - England trip! He's leaving today, and while the major transportation and lodging is figured out, he's looking for suggestions of things for the day-to-day, as well as driving route suggestions. [more inside]
posted by foodmapper around Ireland, Scotland at 10:46 AM - 12 answers has best

Help me watch Eurovision in public in Edinburgh

ScotlandFilter: Help me watch Eurovision tomorrow. I'm in Edinburgh for the weekend for a friend's wedding. I have Saturday night free, and I'd love to be able to find a pub where I can watch Eurovision in all its bizarre glory. I know almost nothing about the town, though--can anyone suggest a place to me?
posted by Mr. Bad Example around Edinburgh, Scotland at 9:03 AM - 6 answers

April 1, 2012

Easter brunch in Edinburgh?

We want to have Easter brunch in Edinburgh this year. Where to go? [more inside]
posted by laskagirl around Edinburgh, Scotland at 4:41 AM - 12 answers has best

March 21, 2012

Attractions to see in Aberdeen

What are the must see attractions in Aberdeen? [more inside]
posted by Emilybpd around Aberdeen, Scotland at 2:50 AM - 3 answers

March 19, 2012

3-day walk in Scotland

What's a good itinerary for a 3-day walk in Scotland? Part of the West Highland Way, or the Great Glen Way? [more inside]
posted by destrius around Scotland at 1:57 AM - 21 answers has best

January 18, 2012

Travelling to the UK ... bring the iPhone or leave it at home?

I'll be traveling in Scotland and England for a couple of weeks in February, mostly by bus. I'm an inveterate iPhone user, always tweeting, checking-in, posting photos and so on ... but I know that route will lead to financial madness. So what's best to do? I know I can jailbreak, unlock my iPhone, perhaps use another SIM card while traveling, but is the effort worth doing? Is it better to leave the iPhone at home in the US and grab a pay-go smartphone upon arrival in Edinburgh (and if so, how best)? Or do I bring the iPhone and use it via wifi only, hoping I don't slip and fall into a welcoming bit of 3G along the way?
posted by grabbingsand around Edinburgh, Scotland at 8:52 AM - 8 answers has best

January 14, 2012

Europlug in Britian

I stupidly left my European CEE 7/* power strip back in the U.S.  How could I buy a CEE 7/* power strip in St. Andrews or Edinburgh, Scotland? [more inside]
posted by jeffburdges around Scotland at 11:30 AM - 8 answers has best