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Looking for tips and advice for attending the final day of the Open Championship at St Andrews in July.

We will be attending the Open Championship at St Andrews, Scotland later this summer. We will only be there for one day, Sunday, the final day.

We are staying in Perth on Saturday night, the night before. Then staying in Edinburgh on Sunday night. But have general access tickets to the Open Championship for Sunday in St Andrews. We also have a one day parking pass.

This is our first time in Scotland. We have never been to St Andrews before. We have attended PGA events, but never a major event before.

Does anyone have any tips or thoughts for us?
Best hole to view the action? Any thoughts about navigating the course during the Open?

The plan is to just jump in and see how it goes - but any info that might help us to maximize the day would greatly appreciated.

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Students in the town have an old joke that "The longest distance between two points" is between St Andrews and anywhere else. This may be a little exaggerated buy bear in mind that arriving by car, parking and then leaving the Open is a well co-ordinated but slow process. Allow amply time to get there from Perth and away from there to Edinburgh - try to arrive and leave before peak times.

The best times I have had watching the Open at St Andrews were a few years ago: they involved following sets of players around the course rather than staying in one stand. That gives you an interesting view as well as a good overview of the course.

Finally - be prepared, clothing wise, for anything from scorching sun to wind driven sleet. St Andrews enjoys a brisk climate.
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Find the HSBC area where they let you hit out of a bunker.

Probably faster to use a Park & Ride, or possibly take the train and bus.

Download the app.

You've found the "Spectators" page on, I'm sure, but also, don't miss this vistor's guide:
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