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August 12

Royal Scotsman train advice

My partner and I are planning to head to Scotland for our honeymoon at some point and we love the idea of riding the Royal Scotsman. I'm curious if anyone has anything to share or advise on this, be it which tour to take, timing, or setting expectations. To be clear at the outset we know it is expensive! [more inside]
posted by BlackLeotardFront around Scotland at 11:47 AM - 5 answers has best

May 31

Help with Airbnb dispute

I stayed with my partner at an Airbnb last week on vacation. On the day we left the host messaged me claiming someone on their property had seen an "unauthorised third person" leaving on the day we checked out, and is now attempting to charge us an extra fee for this person via Airbnb's dispute service. There was no third person, but I can't prove that. Looking for advice on how to proceed. [more inside]
posted by terretu around Scotland at 7:25 AM - 13 answers

May 9

Public transport strategy Glasgow/Edinburgh as a tourist

My husband and I are looking forward soon to 10 days in the UK, 7 of which will be in Scotland. Is there anything roughly equivalent to London's travelcard in Glasgow, Edinburgh, or the greater area? How can I get the most out of our transport budget? [more inside]
posted by droomoord around Scotland at 8:45 AM - 7 answers has best

April 18

Help me plan my Scotland trip!

My father-in-law has generously offered to pay for a family reunion in Edinburgh in July. While he's footing the bill for the flights and accommodations in Edinburgh, we thought we would try to extend the trip on either end and wanted some advice about how to make this all work. [more inside]
posted by Missense Mutation around Scotland at 1:09 PM - 6 answers

February 7

Please plan my Scottish road (or rail?) trip

Let's pretend I'm actually going on my belated honeymoon in May even though it seems deeply implausible. How do I get from one thing to another, and what are the things? [more inside]
posted by babelfish around Scotland at 7:33 AM - 16 answers

August 10, 2021

Covid Testing Rules for International Visitors to UK/Scotland

I'm a fully vaccinated citizen of the USA. I'm planning on a trip to Scotland, where the self-isolation rules have recently been lifted, and where the definition of a "vaccinated" person have been updated to include those vaccinated in the USA. But it still seems that I have some protocols to follow, involving taking a test on and before Day 2. My questions center around this process. [more inside]
posted by avoision around Scotland at 5:56 PM - 8 answers has best

June 27, 2019

Make our trip to Scotland Amazing: Glasgow addition

We'll be visiting Glasgow very soon and would love any ideas for interesting, unusual, or not-to-be-missed sights, spots, or activities. [more inside]
posted by quantum around Glasgow, Scotland at 8:04 AM - 19 answers

June 11, 2019

On the fringes of the Fringe

What's a good strategy for exploring Edinburgh when accidentally there during the Fringe? Definitely going to take in some festival offerings, but that's not why we're visiting, and we don't want it to take over our trip. [more inside]
posted by scarylarry around Edinburgh, Scotland at 11:43 AM - 15 answers

April 19, 2019

Islay Vacation Rentals

We're looking for a vacation rental on Islay some time later in the summer - what's the best way to find one? [more inside]
posted by backseatpilot around Scotland at 6:29 AM - 8 answers has best

March 28, 2019

Gimme your best Scotland

I'm heading to Scotland for vacation in May for about 10 days. What are the best things to see, eat, and do? [more inside]
posted by Special Agent Dale Cooper around Scotland at 6:51 AM - 22 answers has best

March 7, 2019

Day trip activities in Kirkwall and Stornoway Scotland

I'm going on a cruise around Scotland in May with some friends and we are looking for fun things to do on our Kirkwall and Stornoway stops. [more inside]
posted by BigVACub around Scotland at 5:39 AM - 4 answers

January 28, 2019

Help make our trip to Scotland amazing

We will be visiting Scotland for 10 days in July. Help us find unique and fun things to do and see while we're there! [more inside]
posted by quantum around Scotland at 4:58 PM - 13 answers

September 10, 2018

Ye banks and braes and streams and narrow roads abound… Scotland!

In about a week, Mrs. Jabo and I are headed to Scotland. We’re spending a few days in Edinburgh and then driving to Oban, on to Portree, and finally Pitlochry before we return back to Edinburgh. About 7 days in all. Any recommendations for a nice spot, pub or hiking trail that we shouldn’t miss along the way? And hows the weather?
posted by jabo around Scotland at 12:56 AM - 9 answers

June 27, 2018

How to pack for a summer trip to Ireland and Scotland with kids?

My family is taking our first overseas family vacation to Ireland and Scotland- yay! But I’m stressing out over packing. Could you recommend good packing lists or any other advice for traveling light with kids? [more inside]
posted by rebeccabeagle around Scotland at 3:51 PM - 14 answers has best

April 30, 2018

Help me refine my Scotland plans

Looking for semi-specific advice on a short Edinburgh trip. [more inside]
posted by catoclock around Scotland at 10:14 AM - 16 answers

January 29, 2018

Two days in the Scottish Highlands without a car

I've convinced my husband to let us tack on a Scottish sojourn before a family reunion in July. Where in the Highlands should we go? [more inside]
posted by good day merlock around Scotland at 8:47 PM - 19 answers

January 10, 2018

Tips for a Scotland vacation

What should we visit while in Scotland for 8 days in mid-September. [more inside]
posted by jabo around Scotland at 12:24 PM - 10 answers

December 14, 2017

Edinburgh on Christmas

My wife and I will be stopping over in Edinburgh for one day, which happens to be Christmas. We're excited to see the city, but we don't celebrate Christmas, and we're concerned that everything will be closed. Any suggestions of things to do, and practical concerns of which we should be aware? [more inside]
posted by taltalim around Edinburgh, Scotland at 11:13 AM - 10 answers has best

August 11, 2017

A Wee Bit Of Scottish Travel Advice Please?

We'd appreciate some advice for hiking and staying in Scotland next month. [more inside]
posted by lpsguy around Scotland at 6:44 AM - 4 answers

July 27, 2017

Edinburgh - whisky flights & 40 year old whisky

The wife and I are heading to Edinburgh for the first time and whisky is going to be a large part of the trip. Two questions: - Where is the best place to drink a whisky flight that will give us a feel for the different types of scotch? - Is it worth trying a whisky older than we are (33)? Any specific recommendations? Details below. [more inside]
posted by LingeringMoon around Edinburgh, Scotland at 4:57 AM - 13 answers has best