Where can one see working sheepdogs in Scotland?
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My wife and I are visiting Scotland in late June, and would love to see working sheepdogs. I've read a lot about Leault Farms, of course, but are there any others where the public can watch the dog(s) as they herd sheep (or ducks, or whatever)?
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Best answer: Sheepdog Trials Diary
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We definitely saw a working sheepdog in June at the northern tip of Iona. We had just arrived and it was pouring rain, and as we were hurrying into our accommodation, this dog (maybe there were more - we didn't stay to watch for long) gleefully went out to do its job. Don't know whether you want to head that far west (and it's rather remote - have to cross Mull to get to it), but it's an astonishingly beautiful island. Highly recommend (although if you're dead set on the sheepdog, maybe call ahead to make sure that's still going on).
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Just drive around the Scottish Borders in the wee hours of the morning and you'll have a good chance at seeing farmers (on quad bikes!) and their dogs doing their rounds.
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Response by poster: Thanks! The Sheepdog Trials page is on the ISDS website, where I also found links to trainers like Julie Hill, who does demonstrations. I've contacted her for details. :)
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There will be all kinds of sheepdog-related things (as well as a lot of other very cool agricultural stuff) going on at the Royal Highland Show. It's a great event, totally massive.
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